Here are some of SHU’s researcher-led communities – please contact the  to add yours to the list:

Psychology, Sociology and Politics PhD Forum –

Humanities Postgrads –

Doctoral School LinkedIn Group –

Postgraduate Research Student Society

Postgraduate Rep on Twitter  –

Disability Research Forum –  For dates, times and access please see website or contact

Writing Feedback Group – further information here

Student reps

Each area has a PGR student rep who will:

  • gather feedback from the students in their research area
  • communicate this feedback to the Research Student Administrator
  • collaborate with other Reps to see if they are finding similar issues
  • report back to fellow students on responses to feedback and any changes made
  • feedback at a Faculty and University level wherever possible

You can contact your student rep to provide feedback on any aspect of your experience as a research student, such as:

  • Support for research students
  • Research training
  • Facilities (eg workspace, library, laboratory equipment)
  • Research culture
  • Supervision (although avoid making comments about individual staff members)
  • Teaching

The reps for each area are listed here.