The MRes Social Research is an interdisciplinary programme aimed at preparing students for future careers in research and policy positions.  Doctoral students may be able to access individual modules on the MRes Social Research course (via the unprogrammed route) to support an identified training need.  The unprogrammed route gives an opportunity to sit in on classes and access all relevant materials without taking the module for credit.  There is no award attached to this route and you will not be required to take the assessments or submit coursework.  Any assessments submitted will not be marked.

Qualitative Modules

  • Qualitative Research 1 (QR1)
  • Qualitative Research 2 (QR2)  
  • Discourse and Linguistic Theory and Analysis ELECTIVE

Quantitative Modules

  • Survey Methods 1: Design & Application (SM1)
  • Survey Methods 2: Descriptive Analysis and Statistical Significance (SM2)
  • Survey Methods 3: Modelling Survey Data (SM3) ELECTIVE

Modules in the philosophical underpinning of research designs and theoretical frameworks

  • Principles of Methodology:  Positivist Tradition
  • Principles of Methodology:  Social Constructionism
  • Philosophies of Research:  Classical Social Theory
  • Philosophies of Research:  Contemporary Social Theory

There is a £400 module fee payable, per student, per module, so please ensure you have agreed how this will be paid before submitting an application.  Please contact your local PGR Admin team to check the application process for your Research Institute.  You must discuss your programme of study with your doctoral supervisor before submitting your application.

The MRes programme commences teaching in January 2024 for doctoral students and due to staffing and room constraints, applications must be received by Elle Long, the MRes Course Administrator before the following deadlines:

Thursday 30 November 2023 for applications for Semester 2 (2023/24)

Friday 31 May 2024 for applications for Semester 1 (2024/25)

With the exception of SM3 all modules are delivered in block days on a Monday, 1000 – 1600, usually three Mondays in a row, or every other Monday over 5 weeks.  The specific calendar for this year is attached.

Any questions can be directed to the Course Leader, Bob Jeffery

 Please be aware that this course is not delivered or administered by the Doctoral School, so please direct all enquiries to Bob Jeffery or Elle Long

Module outlines:  MRES Social Research Unprogrammed – Module Outlines

Course Structure Diagram: MRes 2023-24 course structure diagram

Application form: MRes Associate Application Unprogrammed 2023-24 – January Intake

Module choice form:  PhD Students- MRes Unprogrammed Module Choice Form (JANUARY Start)- 2023-24