The University has paid for an institutional subscription for access to a number of the Epigeum online courses.  They are available via an external website hosted by Sage Publishing (the owners of Epigeum).  This content is available to all Sheffield Hallam staff and students.  Epigeum have refreshed their online platform and updated some of the modules and content to provide an improved user experience.  (You are advised to access these using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge to gain full functionality as users have reported difficulties when using Internet Explorer).

To access the courses listed below you will need to register for an account at your email address and enter the relevant token. You do not need to pay for these courses. Please see here for details on how to do this. The course hyperlinks below will work once you are logged in (they work best in Chrome, Firefox or Edge).


Enter token 1b54d4f6 to access these via the Sheffield Hallam subscription.

Research Skills Toolkit

Enhancing Research Impact

  • This programme will help you to articulate the value of your research beyond academia by providing the tools and training you need to embed impact into your research throughout all stages of your career. You can find out more about the programme on the Enhancing Research Impact webpage.

Advancing Your Research Career – Strategies for Research Leadership

  • This programme supports researchers in taking a reflective and strategic approach to developing and managing their careers. It provides engaging, flexible and interactive training in the key capabilities that underpin successful research leadership and helps to ensure that researchers’ career goals are well-articulated and supported by a professional knowledge base. You can find out more about the programme on the Advancing Your Research Career webpage.

Statistical Methods for Research

Supervising Doctoral Studies (First edition)

  • Authored by experts who have spent many years researching the doctoral process, this programme will provide a valuable resource for all supervisors seeking to support candidates as they develop into independent researchers. You can find out more about the programme on the Supervising Doctoral Studies webpage.

Research Integrity

The university has a limited number of user licences for the Research Integrity course. To access the token information for this course please email, please include your Student or Staff ID number within your email.

Research Integrity, Second Edition

  • Research Integrity, Second Edition provides a comprehensive overview of how researchers in the UK can meet their responsibilities, setting out the key principles and practices of good research conduct, and guiding learners through the lifecycle of a research project. You can find out more about the programme on the Research Integrity webpage.

Teaching and Development

Enter token 02a92303 to access these via the Sheffield Hallam subscription.

Teaching Online 

  • This programme is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to design and teach effective and engaging online courses. You can find out more about the programme on the Teaching Online webpage.

University Teaching: Core Skills 

  • University Teaching: Core Skills is an online course hosted by Epigeum which consists of six strands to support you in the development of best practices, including effectively facilitating learning and developing your core knowledge and professional values. You can find out more about the programme on the University Teaching: Core Skills webpage.

University Teaching: Core Skills can be accessed by using the weblink  You will need to create an account using your Sheffield Hallam email address and further guidance on this can be found on this link   Please ensure that you don’t use a personal email address to create your account and don’t pay for any modules, as payments made in error cannot be refunded.  All modules are covered by the Sheffield Hallam subscription, which is accessed by using your Sheffield Hallam email address

Teaching and Assessment for Nursing and Allied Health Educators

  • Aimed at practitioners from diverse healthcare fields, this programme intends to help those teaching and mentoring to become proficient in adapting their teaching according to learner preferences and diverse educational settings. This programme comprises two courses Clinical teaching and learning and Clinical assessment, feedback and evaluation.

Clinical teaching and learning

  • This course emphasises the central role of service users in teaching. It encourages participants to adapt their teaching according to learner needs, curriculum and programme requirements and diverse educational settings. Topics include planned and unplanned teaching, teaching in a logical sequence, interprofessional practice and peer learning. This course will take around 173 minutes to complete.

Clinical assessment, feedback and evaluation

  • This course looks at the processes and approaches involved in assessing learners. Topics include the different types of assessment, designing and managing assessment, record-keeping, professional integrity and the issue of struggling students. This course will take around 136 minutes to complete.