For those of you approaching your viva, we’re gathering information about resources that may be of help to you.  This list will be updated as more resources become available, so please do check back.

The current SHU examination regulations and processes can be accessed via the Research Degrees Blackboard site via the Examination Information folder.  The Blackboard site is a great place to find the most up to date regulations, procedures and forms relating to all aspects of your study.

The Good Viva Video (SHU login required, works with Chrome)

PhD Perspectives – Our Viva Experience

A web page (hosted by USW), How to Prepare for the Viva Examination, contains a series of videos and resources for PGR students across the sector and these resources are freely available to PGRs across all Higher Education Institutions in the UK.  Also on this page is a downloadable resource document Viva Resource Document