Two courses exist to prepare doctoral researchers for teaching and lecturing in higher education – a four-session delivered programme called Teaching Skills for Doctoral Students (TSDS), and an online course called University and College Teaching (UCT).

Generally, doctoral researchers should do the TSDS course before undertaking teaching at the University, although under some circumstances (relating to the timing or capacity of TSDS) the UCT course can be done in lieu.

UCT can also be undertaken voluntarily by anyone at any time, to upskill themselves, or as a refresher for those with some teaching experience.

Please note that neither of these courses are credit-bearing.  The HEA-accredited PgCert Learning and Teaching is the advanced programme in this area.

Teaching Skills for Doctoral Students

TSDS consists of four sessions:

1.  Introduction to teaching in HE – Setting the scene; teaching at Sheffield Hallam University

2.  Session planning and ‘delivery’ – How to plan effective sessions

3.  Active learning – introduction and exploration of active learning approaches

4.  Personal approaches / theories – relating personal approaches to teaching with theoretical ideas

The first session is compulsory, and participants must attend at least three out of four sessions (including the first one) to complete the course and also complete a minimum of 3 pieces of self-directed assessment.


The course runs twice a year – November and February. Please complete the Google doc on the following link to register your interest in being included in the next cohort  There are a limited number of places available on each cohort and the Faculty Heads of Research Degrees (HORDs) will decide who is eligible for a place from their Faculty.  If you have any questions, please email for assistance.


Relating to registration and waiting lists –

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University and College Teaching

University and College Teaching is an online course hosted by Epigeum which consists of nine modules: Lecturing 1, Lecturing 2, Resources to Enhance Student Learning, Making the Most of Discussion, Supervising Projects and Dissertations, Marking and Giving Feedback, Understanding the Principles of Course Design, Developing your Teaching, Teaching with Patients.

UCT can be accessed by using the weblink .  You will need to create an account using your SHU email address.  The following user guide is attached will guide you through the registration process  Epigeum Teaching Online Modules – Getting Started.  Please ensure that you don’t use a personal email address to create your account and don’t pay for any modules, as payments made in error cannot be refunded.  All modules are covered by the SHU subscription, which is accessed by using your SHU email address.