The Three Minute Thesis® is a research communication competition devised by the University of Queensland that is now held in over 900 universities worldwide. It challenges doctoral candidates to present their research topic to a non-specialist audience, giving a compelling presentation explaining their work and its significance – in just three minutes.

We have been running 3MT® at Sheffield Hallam since 2015 with our winner going forward to the semi-final of the UK competition hosted by Vitae each year. You can find out more about Vitae and the 3MT® via

How to enter

If you are interested in participating in this year’s competition please see 3MT Competition 2024 for further information.

What are the benefits?

3MT® is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your communication skills.  It is also a unique chance for you to share your research and your passion for it with the broader research community, and raise your profile as a researcher both within and beyond the University. It builds on the following areas from the RDF: A1.1 Subject Knowledge, B1.1 Enthusiasm, B2.3 Time Management, B3.5 Reputation and Esteem, D2.1 Communication Methods and D3.2 Public Engagement.