Image shows the deadlines for this year's peer mentoring scheme. These are listed below: Call for mentor and mentee expressions of interest launched on 20 October 2023 PGR Peer Mentoring Scheme Briefing Session 10am to 11am on 8 November 2023. Expressions of interest deadline 9.00am on 10 November 2023. Expressions of interest will be reviewed by Heads of Research Degrees or Post Graduate Research Tutors. Outcomes will be communicated by the Doctoral School on 21st November 2023. Those who are approved to act as mentors will be invited to attend a training session run by the Doctoral School. Mentor Training Session 09.30am-10.30am on 22 November 2023. Mentees and Mentors will be invited to complete online profile form by 28 November 2023. Doctoral School will match mentors and mentees during week commencing 27 November 2023 and add profiles and participants to the MS Teams site for PGR Peer Mentoring. Mentor and mentee matches will be communicated by 4 December 2023. Mentors and Mentees will then commence their mentoring relationship with an initial meeting, completing personal development logs and raising any concerns or issues with the Doctoral School. Mentors and Mentees will complete the PGR Peer Mentoring Evaluation Form at the end of the six month mentor partnership.

The PGR Peer Mentoring Scheme for academic 2023-24 will be launched on Friday 20 October 2023.  Details of how to complete an Expression of Interest and sign up to attend the PGR Peer Mentoring Scheme Briefing Session was sent out in the Doctoral School’s Friday Email for week ending Friday 27 October.