This programme is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to design and teach effective and engaging online courses.

To access the courses listed below you will need to register for an account at your email address and enter the relevant token 02a92303. You do not need to pay for these courses. Please see here for details on how to do this. The hyperlinks below will work once you are logged in (they work best in Chrome, Firefox or Edge).

Introduction to teaching online

An overview of the ‘big ideas’ that run throughout the Teaching Online programme. Includes a mapping activity that will help participants plot their own individual path through the programme and a guide to creating a Teaching Online portfolio. This course will take around 60 minutes to complete.

Mastering online pedagogy

Provides participants with a clear, engaging insight into constructivist teaching and learning theory, in addition to practical activities and advice to help participants create an effective learner-centred online environment for their students. This course will take around 180 minutes to complete.

Designing and developing your online course

Provides participants with a series of step-by-step learning design activities to help teachers develop their own successful online course. The course explores the issues of academic integrity, accessibility and inclusive design in addition to guidance on following best practice and avoiding pitfalls in the planning stages of your course. This course will take around 180 minutes to complete.

Being a successful online teacher

This course helps participants put pedagogical frameworks into practice to improve their online teaching. The course provides practical strategies for building an effective learning community, facilitating and leading online learning, and using assessment in an online course. This course will take around 180 minutes to complete.

Using technology tools for online teaching

An engaging exploration of the different technology tools and processes available for providing content, developing interaction and managing assessment in online teaching, from Learning Management Systems/Virtual Learning Environments to online social media applications. This course will take around 180 minutes to complete.

Studying online – a guide for students

For those new to online learning, or teachers wishing to gain an insight into online learner characteristics, challenges and study strategies. The course provides practical activities and advice to help online learners prioritise and manage their time and space, contribute to discussion forums and collaborative activities, and seek appropriate support where needed. This course will take around 180 minutes to complete.