This programme will support you through the challenges of transitioning from a doctorate to life beyond your current research. It will encourage you to translate your experience into innovation and enterprise, and to reflect on how your career can impact the wider world in a positive way.

This course is designed to help you recognise the positive impact that research can have on society. Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, it will highlight the importance of social responsibility in innovation and explore how you can engage effectively with industry during and after your doctoral degree. This course will take around 90 minutes to complete.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

This module will help you to identify entrepreneurial opportunities in your research, and the skills you might need to turn your idea into an innovation, within the context of a business with clear ethical, social or environmental aims.

Social and ethical innovation

This module explores ethics and sustainability in entrepreneurial ventures. It focuses on the positive impact that research and innovation can have on society, challenging the idea that enterprise is just about commercial gain.

Collaborative entrepreneurship

This module will focus on the opportunities that can arise through collaboration between different disciplines and areas of expertise. It shows how to collaborate successfully with industry and external organisations to ensure your research and innovation have the biggest impact.

This course is designed to prepare and inspire you for your career. It will encourage you to reflect on your research journey, assess your skills and experience, manage your professional development and think about the practicalities of finding and applying for jobs, while maintaining wellbeing and building resilience. This course will take around 85 minutes to complete.

Reflecting on your research journey

This module encourages you to look back and take time to reflect on your research journey, enabling you to identify and evidence your research skills, strengths and experiences, and to translate these into a career.

Choosing your career path

This module highlights a variety of career options and encourages you to consider how different workplace cultures and environments might fit with your strengths, skills, values and experiences. It offers advice about how to transition to a non-academic career, and gives guidance on a variety of career-enhancing schemes.

Your professional development path

This module inspires you to manage and take ownership of your personal and professional development, recognise opportunities and understand how your skills, experiences and aspirations contribute towards your professional career development.

Career success beyond research

This module guides you through the job search and application process, offering advice about how to deal with stressful job-hunting situations and illustrating how to network for an impactful career.


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