The SHU PGR Peer Mentoring scheme has been established in response to findings from a 2019 research study on PGR wellbeing undertaken by the Sheffield Hallam Student Union. One key finding that was highlighted related to PGR student isolation and a lack of PGR peer mentoring provision within the University.

PGR peer mentoring has also been flagged up during the Hallam Guild-funded PGR Mental Health and Wellbeing focus groups that were run in 2019. PGR student attendees noted a desire for:

· Peer support at the start of the research degree to adjust academically and personally to studying at SHU;

· A safe space to ask questions to another SHU PGR student during the research degree;

· An opportunity to draw on the experience of other SHU PGR students on studying as well as receiving advice and guidance on research degree study from the perspective of another PGR student.

Peer mentoring can not only support the needs of PGR students who are wishing to be mentored but it also provides a development opportunity for mentors. It offers clear benefits in relation to the concept of ‘students as partners’ in higher education.

To register your interest in the scheme and to be notified when the next cohort of PGR Peer Mentoring is launched please complete the Expression of Interest form.

For further information please see the following pages:

Information for Mentees

Information for Mentors

SHU-PGR-Peer-Mentoring-The-essentials – 27 October 2022

Mentoring Process and Deadlines for 2022-23 Academic Year

The SHU PGR Peer Mentoring scheme is coordinated by the SHU Doctoral School –

Thank you to Nick Russell for guidance and the use of resources developed by the SHU Skills Centre.