It’s never too early to start writing and if you are looking for a bit of a push to get going why not try one of our writing sessions? We know it can be difficult to protect time to write so come and join us away from everyday distractions.

The Doctoral School and Library Research Support Team are working together on a series of Shut Up and Write! sessions aimed at providing you with dedicated time and space to focus on your academic writing.

Search the events calendar for regular sessions at both City and Collegiate campuses.

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19 February 2018 (Collegiate)19 March 2018 (Collegiate)16 April 2018 (Collegiate)

14 May 2018 (Collegiate)11 June 2018 (Collegiate)9 July 2018 (Collegiate)

9 February 2018 (City)9 March 2018 (City)6 April 2018 (City)

4 May 2018 (City)1 June 2018 (City)29 June 2018 (City)

Also look out for virtual Shut Up and Write sessions via @SHDocSchool

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