The WriteFest team at The University of Sheffield have created and kindly shared lots of resources as part of WriteFest (thanks Kay, Lucy et al!)

You can print your own badge/sticker to let everyone know you’re busy writing!

Add the AcWriMo Twibbon to your twitter profile picture to show your participation in the global writing festival

Check out AcWriVox, a growing playlist of videos documenting the voices of Academic Writers and the WriteFest! list, a growing collection of articles and blogs on writing

At Sheffield Hallam you can also access:

  • The Epigeum Getting Published courses (remember to create an account first with your shu email address and token 1b54d4f6 for free access)
  • Guidance from the Library Research Support Team on Literature and Publishing
  • Critical writing online study guide and electronic resources from the Skills Centre
  • A playlist of YouTube videos from one of our doctoral researchers, Ian Guest, on using Microsoft Word for your Thesis
  • Curated tutorial pages from Digital Skills on using Microsoft Word
  • Your electronic thesis – an online course via the Academic CPD Blackboard organisation site
  • Responsible use of research metrics – an online course via the Academic CPD Blackboard organisation site

Other resources:

Remember, this can all be linked to your professional development under sub-domains D2 (Communication and dissemination) and A3 (Creativity) of the Researcher Development Framework and updated on your planner account.