Nominations open for Inspirational Teaching and Outstanding Student Support Awards 2018

Nominations for the eighth annual Inspirational Teaching and Outstanding Student Support awards opened in December 2017 and close at the end of January 2018.

Students have been asked to complete a survey asking them to nominate an inspirational teacher and/or someone who has made a similar contribution to their experience outside the classroom, and provide a comment in support of their nomination.

Following the success of introducing an inspirational teaching award for overseas partners in 2017, eligible students will again be asked to nominate staff for this award in 2018.  A separate survey will also run for postgraduate research students.

Davey Silver, Education Officer for Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, explains in this short video, why it is important for students to make a nomination:

The selection process for the awards will follow the same methodology as in previous years.  Details of the award winners, including those at overseas partners, are expected to be announced in May and a celebratory awards dinner will take place in July.

Inspirational Teaching Award nominations open via the Sheffield Hallam Student Barometer

The Student Barometer survey launches today and will run until 5 December.

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The survey covers the four main aspects of the student experience – arrival, learning, living and support – to establish a complete picture of what students think across all levels and modes, for both UK/EU and International. It is a benchmarked survey, allowing comparison with other UK universities, but also providing a suite of questions specific to Sheffield Hallam.

The Inspirational Teaching Award nominations are gathered via the Student Barometer survey. The survey allows students to nominate up to two members of staff (academic or non-academic) who have had an inspirational or transformative impact on their student experience, inside or outside the classroom.  Here’s what we ask them:

Nominate an inspirational person

We would like to recognise and thank the teachers and student support staff who have made a positive difference to your experience at Sheffield Hallam and make our University a great place to study.  We invite you to nominate someone who has been an inspiration to you in the following two categories.

Your nominations are anonymous and will not be linked to you or the responses you have given in the survey. There are 2 categories:

1)    Inspirational Teacher – an individual who works at Sheffield Hallam University who, through their teaching, has inspired you and had a transformative impact on your learning experience 

  • Name of an academic (student selects name of academic from drop down box)

How have they inspired you and made a difference to your learning experience?

2)    Outstanding Student Support – an individual or group of individuals who work at Sheffield Hallam University who has/have provided you with outstanding support for your University experience outside of the classroom

  •  Their name:
  • Their location:

How has the support they provided made a difference to your student experience?

We point out that extracts from their comments may be used to support staff development activities or to promote these awards within and outside the University, and that as other universities will be interested in students’ views on what makes staff inspirational, we may include your anonymous comments in academic research papers presented at conferences or in journals.  Should the student not want us to use their quotes, there is a box they can tick.

More information on the survey is available at:

2013 Inspirational Teaching Awards at SHU

Nominations for the 2013 awards have been received from 3197 students.  An increase of 800 students from last year!

The students have nominated up to two members of staff or groups of staff and have written up to 200 words on why individuals and groups of staff have made an inspirational or transformative impact on their student experience.