Nominations open for Inspirational Teaching and Outstanding Student Support Awards 2018

Nominations for the eighth annual Inspirational Teaching and Outstanding Student Support awards opened in December 2017 and close at the end of January 2018.

Students have been asked to complete a survey asking them to nominate an inspirational teacher and/or someone who has made a similar contribution to their experience outside the classroom, and provide a comment in support of their nomination.

Following the success of introducing an inspirational teaching award for overseas partners in 2017, eligible students will again be asked to nominate staff for this award in 2018.  A separate survey will also run for postgraduate research students.

Davey Silver, Education Officer for Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, explains in this short video, why it is important for students to make a nomination:

The selection process for the awards will follow the same methodology as in previous years.  Details of the award winners, including those at overseas partners, are expected to be announced in May and a celebratory awards dinner will take place in July.

One thought on “Nominations open for Inspirational Teaching and Outstanding Student Support Awards 2018

  1. The timing of the nomination period isn’t really conducive to the recognition of faculty student services support staff. Students mainly need help from us during their assessment periods i.e. Mid-December to Mid-January for Semester 1 and then April and May for Semester 2. Anyone having difficult in semester 1 may have too much going on to think about a nomination, and anyone supported in semester 2 will have missed the nomination period and may not think to then nominate someone 7 months later – indeed a final year student would have probably left SHU. As we don’t really celebrate the winners until July and they aren’t formally recognised until graduation why doesn’t the nomination period run until after Semester 2 assessments. This would also capture any tutors for short fat modules in semester 2.

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