Selection process 2012

Last year our students told the university, using the internal Student Experience Survey, how much they valued the inspirational teaching they had experienced. Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students were asked to nominate staff and describe, using no more than 200 words, how their student experience is being transformed by inspirational teaching and by exemplary learning support. Research students and final year students were also asked to nominate an inspirational research or project supervisor. Following the successful launch students have once again been asked to nominate Inspirational Teachers and staff supporting them outside the classroom.

The University Student Nominated Awards are based solely on the student comments and are judged on the impact the nominees have had on their students, and the selection panel are advised to bear in mind some staff may only teach on one or two modules so will not have contact with the same number of students.  In essence, this is not a popularity contest or an award for being “a nice person”, it is the impact made in inspiring our students.

The Process

At the end of Semester 1 2011 – 2012, students completing the Student Barometer, both undergraduate and postgraduate, were asked to name an inspirational teacher, supervisor and/or someone who had made a similar contribution outside the classroom experience and explain how the individual had made a difference. 2,300 students, undergraduate and postgraduate, took the opportunity to nominate more than 1,000 individual members of staff across the four Faculties, Directorates and staff associated with the Students’ Union. Each Faculty was then asked to shortlist up to 15 nominees from the Student Barometer nominations, which could include student support staff and technicians.  The Faculty selection panels included a student representative thus retaining the student nomination element present within the Faculty selection process.  Faculty nominations were made, where possible, anonymously although reference to specific or technical modules made this difficult to achieve in all cases.  The Inspirational Teachers selected by the Faculties range from Associate Lecturers and part-time staff to Professoriate.

University Student Nominated Inspirational Teaching Awards

The University selection panel consisted of Prof Philip Martin, Prof Susan Orr (NTF), Prof Sue Thompson (NTF and External Panel member), Scott Storey (Students’ Union Education Officer) and Dr Sally Bradley (QESS).

The recipients of the University Student Nominated Inspirational Teaching Awards were presented with a certificate and a visual citation at a celebratory dinner on 12 July and formally acknowledged at the university’s graduation ceremonies. The four support staff and technicians who received Faculty nominations also received an Outstanding Student Support Award at the celebratory dinner, along with those who received Inspirational Research Supervisor Awards.