Inspirational Teaching Awards 2015


Camila Bassi

Camila BassiCamila Bassi is a human geography academic who has worked at Sheffield Hallam University since 2003. She completed her BSc Geography at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and her PhD at the University of Sheffield.

Camila’s doctoral research in Birmingham and recent research in Shanghai concerns the intersection of race and sexuality within and through the urban political economy. Her wider research contributes to the vibrant field of critical geographies, including a book project on the competing histories of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and left-wing anti-Semitism. Camila enjoys applying her research in the lecture and seminar rooms.

She is incredibly grateful to, and humbled by, her students – past and present – for writing nice things about her. The teaching-learning nexus is co-constructed, so without inspirational students there would be no inspirational lecturers.

‘Not only does Camila keep me intensely engaged with her superb analysis, debating and intellect, she also adds a quirky, fun touch to her sessions. I have never experienced teaching like Camila’s throughout my whole education, and I am going to miss it sincerely.’

Paul Beresford

PAUL_BERESFORDPaul is the course leader for BSc Food Marketing Management and BSc Food and Nutrition at Sheffield Business School. He teaches a range of marketing and business-related subjects and is currently studying a DBA in the field of consumer behaviour.

Paul joined the University in 2000 and, in 2006, he was Interdisciplinary Champion for the £1.27 million Food Innovation project to deliver new multidisciplinary interventions for the food and drink industry. He was then project manager on a three-year Yorkshire Forward project delivering ongoing innovation interventions for regional food companies.

Over the past 20 years, Paul has worked in both the public and private sectors in a range of business development, project management, marketing and teaching roles.

‘Paul has not only been an inspiring lecturer and educator, but he also helped me overcome issues that, without his help and guidance, would not have allowed me to reach my fourth and final year.’

Dr Ania de Berg

Ania de BergAnia came to Sheffield Hallam in 2013 after having taught at universities in Germany, Poland and the UK, including the Universities of York, Sheffield and Leeds Beckett. She is both an active researcher and an enthusiastic teacher.

Ania’s research areas are cultural studies – including critical theory and research methodologies, German and Austrian culture and society – including modern literature, art and film, and travel writing, – including the interrelations between tourism and culture. More recently, she has become interested in didactics, especially the classroom use of technology and modern media.

As a teacher, Ania aims to communicate her own enthusiasm to her students and help them become confident communicators across cultures as well as accomplished linguists.

‘Never before have I had a teacher who brings such outstanding academic knowledge combined with a real passion for the success and wellbeing of her students. Ania is a fantastic person who understands the dynamics of a classroom, and more importantly, human communication!’

Samuel Burton

Samuel BurtonSam is a senior lecturer in the Department of Law and Criminology. He joined as an associate lecturer in 2004 following the completion of his law degree. He has  subsequently completed his PgCert in Higher Education and an MPhil entitled ‘Anti-terrorism Control Orders: A Human Rights Analysis’.

Sam has taught a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules and supervises a range of dissertations on counter-terrorism law, human rights and various aspects of US law.

He is also an active researcher in the field of Western states’ legal responses to the post-9/11 terrorist threat and the human rights implications of counter-terrorism law and policy.

Sam was previously awarded a Faculty Inspirational Teacher Award in 2013.

‘His knowledge is outstanding, but what really inspires me is his care towards the students. His dedication is extraordinary and I consider myself very lucky that I was taught by him. He pushed me to do well on the module and inspired me to consider working in property law.’

Jennifer Cockill

Jenny CockillJenny spent the early part of her career working in the hotel industry, winning the Hotel Manager of the Year award in recognition of improved financial performance and staff and guest satisfaction scores.

Jenny went on to share her experiences on a part-time basis with students from Strathclyde University and Sheffield Hallam University.

It was this insight into the value of an industry-based practitioner to the student  experience that prompted the next phase of Jenny’s career at Sheffield Hallam. As course leader, she has been able to work closely with students and industry to create a range of opportunities that enhanced the relationships between the University, the employers and the undergraduates.

Jenny has now been awarded three Inspirational Teaching Awards and has received a Vice- Chancellor’s Award in recognition of this achievement.

‘Jenny’s wealth of knowledge and experience combined with her passion for both the hospitality industry and her teaching vocation makes her a truly inspirational teacher. She not only passes on information but also the passion she has for hospitality.’

Naomi Cooper

Naomi CooperNaomi has a background in primary school teaching. She has taught in Peterborough, Birmingham, Nottingham and Sheffield and has enjoyed working with children from early years through to year six. This included four years teaching in one of Sheffield’s integrated resource units. Prior to joining the staff at Sheffield Hallam, Naomi held roles of SENCo and head teacher. She has a passion for inclusion of all learners, regardless of background or barriers to learning.

Naomi’s role at Sheffield Hallam includes teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate teacher training courses where she specialises in inclusive practice. Her speciality is teaching children for whom English is an additional language (EAL). She is continuing this interest into her PhD studies and is fortunate to work with a wide range of professionals from across Sheffield Institute of Education and beyond.

‘Naomi is an inspiration to trainee teachers! She is always very positive and available to support any student when they need it. She has made a massive difference to many students’ time on the course.’

Jon Dean

Jon DeanJon is a lecturer in politics and sociology in the Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics. He joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2012 after completing his PhD at the University of Kent.

Jon’s main research focus is on youth volunteering and the voluntary sector, specifically related to class inequalities in social participation. He also conducts research on innovations in qualitative research methodology, recently centred on incorporating sound and drawing into research methodology. He is currently writing his first monograph on the issue of reflexivity in social research.

Jon teaches across a broad range of topics including undergraduate and postgraduate modules on charity and community studies, research methodology, education and social class. Since 2013 he has been the first year tutor for the BA Politics and BA Applied Social Science degrees.

‘His patience and generosity has made an incredible difference to my academic  progress. His lectures and seminars are in depth, academically rigorous and thought-provoking. He has inspired me to pursue a career in academia, a decision I would not have taken had it not been for his encouragement and advice.’

Liane Duxbury

Liane Duxbury 1Liane is a senior lecturer in architecture and environmental design. She joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 and currently teaches all aspects of environmental design at  both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Liane currently supports around 200 students and believes that learning should be interactive and fun. With classes of up to 70 students she ensures a varied programme of inclusive learning. Her students are valued as individuals and actively encouraged to contribute to sessions, whether in large groups in the lecture theatre or one-to-one in the studio environment.

She recognises that learning is a two-way process, and particularly values spending quality time supporting students on field trips and practical projects such as woodland shelter building and straw bale construction.

‘Liane manages to somehow make a two-hour Friday evening lecture go by with a breeze. She is always making topics interesting and brings the fun and laughter back into learning. Her enthusiasm for environmental design makes me want to learn more.’

Douglas Fraser

Douglas FraserDoug is a senior lecturer and course leader for the BSc Environmental Science. His  vocation was inspired by toxicology lab experiments during his first degree in environmental biology at Kings College, London. It was his multidisciplinary PhD project that brought him to Sheffield. His academic interests include habitat creation and management, cultural environmental history, international conservation perspectives and environmental education and interpretation.

Doug’s experience includes the development of environmental education for pupils and students, and training for international professionals. He’s been a landscape interpreter working with archaeologists and artists, and is currently trying to restore and environmentally retro-fit an arts-and-crafts-period family home.

Doug has now been awarded three Inspirational Teaching Awards and has received a Vice-Chancellor’s Award this year in recognition of this achievement.

‘Doug is not only one of the best teachers or lectures I’ve ever had – he is one of the greatest people I have ever met. In every aspect of his teaching he inspired me to do exactly what I needed to.’

Stewart Hilland

Stewart HillandStewart has a senior management background in primary and secondary education, and has organised a wide range of exhibitions, conferences, ceremonies and international sports and arts events within the education sector. He has worked in South-East Asia, in Europe and the UK.

In 2006, Stewart gained an MSc with distinction from the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Metropolitan University and also received the overall prize for outstanding academic achievement during the course. He has been part of the events management teaching team in the Sheffield Business School since 2008 and currently leads on modules relating to business research and events policy.

Stewart’s research interests centre on public sector event delivery and outcomes as well as teaching, learning and assessment in the higher education classroom. He received the Sheffield Business School Teaching Excellence Award in 2012.

‘Over my past four years at university he has given me additional support and helped me to achieve my best I can do. Stewart is kind-hearted and his lectures and seminars are interesting and fun, making my whole learning experience better.’

Christopher Hogg

Dr Christopher Hogg is senior lecturer in media and communication and course leader for BA (Hons) Media at Sheffield Hallam. He specialises in screen drama, with work  spanning theory and creative practice. His current research projects explore television drama adaptation and acting in television drama.

Christopher teaches on a range of media-related modules, from media texts and genres to post-colonial media cultures. He is committed to creating engaging and valuable learning experiences for students through incorporating insights from current research and industry practice.

He gives a personal learning experience and shows he genuinely cares about us as well as just teaching us. He’s always available if we have any problems. The course  could not be the same without him.’

Philo Holland

PhiloPhilo has worked as a news and sports reporter at BBC Radio 5 Live for 15 years. He’s won two Sony awards for his work on Chiles on Saturday, and the Stephen Nolan Show. Before that he worked at Radio Sheffield, which is how he came to live in the city.  For the last seven years he’s divided his time between the BBC and teaching journalism at Sheffield Hallam.

He’s originally from Sherborne in Dorset, and graduated from Durham University with a degree in French and Russian. On teaching at Sheffield Hallam, Philo says, ‘Radio is simply magical, I love
sharing my passion for it with the students.’

Philo has been awarded three Inspirational Teaching Awards and has received a Vice-Chancellor’s Award in recognition of this achievement.

‘He always comes in to lessons cheery and happy, and puts all his effort in to making the lesson exciting and involving everyone so that you keep interested. You can visit him in his office at any time and he will always help you with any problems you have,  even if they’re not related to the subject he’s teaching.’

Nigel Jones

Nigel JonesNigel enjoyed a 15 year career in the UK grocery industry before moving to Sheffield Hallam University in 2007. He is a principal lecturer in the Marketing Subject Group where he currently balances his time by teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as engaging with businesses on behalf of the University in a teaching role.

In 2013 he was part of the University team that successfully bid for the Nestlé Business Degree. He was also presented with the University Inspirational Teaching Award in the same year. He is programme leader for postgraduate international business and marketing courses and is studying for a DBA.

During his career in industry, Nigel worked for four branded and private label  manufacturers in differing sales and marketing capacities. He has been involved in the launch of numerous products sold under household brand names and many different ranges of retailer own brand products, and has worked with all the major UK retailers.

‘Nigel is an excellent lecturer that always comes up with the latest examples to help us understand the lecture. He also encourages us to read more business news and analyse it with other students in the class.’

Nicola Jordan-Mahy

NICOLA JORDON-MAHY2Nicola has been at Sheffield Hallam for 16 years, during which time she has undertaken numerous and varied teaching and administrative roles. She is currently the BSc Biochemistry course leader and teaches physiology, anatomy, pathology and biochemistry with a splash of embryology and forensic pathology.

In addition to teaching, Nicola has a great interest in cell biology and is a member of the Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre. She is part of the Cancer Research, and Musculoskeletal and Regenerative Medicine Research Groups and has PhD students in both camps.

Nicola’s aim is to inspire students to become the researchers of the future and one day, contribute to finding a cure for diseases.

She is delighted to be nominated an inspirational teacher for a second time. She says, ‘There are no tricks or magic – it is all about having fun whilst you slip a few complex scientific facts into the students’ brains. I love teaching and I guess my enthusiasm shows.’

‘She has infectious enthusiasm for her subject, which she passes onto her students. In her tutor group she pushes us to do our best and more, and also inspires us to do whatever we want to in our future.’

John Joyce

John JoyceJohn is professor of management accounting education. His major teaching interests are management accounting and professional skills development.

John has published extensively on accounting education, and was invited to contribute to The Routledge Companion to Accounting Education and The Routledge Companion to Accounting Communication.

John has worked extensively with accounting professional bodies. He was awarded the title CIMA Education Advisor by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants for his underpinning research for the Beyond 2000 initiative. This underpinned the realignment of the assessment policies and structure of the professional qualification for a global professional body.

John has been awarded three Inspirational Teaching Awards and has received a Vice-Chancellor’s Award in recognition of this achievement.

‘John is incredibly motivating through his unique way of teaching in giving no notes and no lecture slides. He has a unique way of teaching you how to learn, and he knows the industry back to front.’

Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermottKevin has taught in the history group at Sheffield Hallam University since September  1989, specialising in 20th century Russia and Eastern Europe. At present, he teaches two specialist modules entitled ‘Eastern Europe 1945–1989’ and ‘Rise and decline of Soviet communism’. He also teaches ‘Nationalism, democracy and socialism in modern Europe’.

He is the author of Communist Czechoslovakia, 1945-89: A Political and Social History (Palgrave, 2015); Stalin: Revolutionary in an Era of War (Palgrave, 2006) and The Comintern: A History of International Communism from Lenin to Stalin (Macmillan, 1996). He has also co-edited six volumes on various aspects of East European and Soviet history.

‘Kevin’s passion and love for his modules always shines through whenever he teaches, and that passion has been transferred onto me. The amount I’ve learnt from him cannot be overstated.’

Tim Parker

Tim Parker replacement requestedTim is a senior lecturer in logistics, supply chain and operations management. With over 20 years’ experience in military and civil logistics, he came to Sheffield Hallam University to study property development as an undergraduate gaining a first degree. He then completed an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

During a short return to industry, he worked part-time here at Sheffield Hallam as an associate lecturer teaching logistics technology and in 2012 took a permanent lecturer post. As a committed lifelong learner, he continued his education, completing his PGC LTHE training and then embarking upon PhD research studying ‘logistics infrastructure in the UK retail sector’.

Tim’s industrial roots and commitment to teaching and learning has provided a base from which he can provide both context and relevance for theoretical subjects. Using practical examples, he is committed to enhancing the student experience whilst improving employability.

‘Every class was entertaining, and I think I’m speaking on behalf of everyone when I say that we always walked out of Tim’s lectures learning more and knowing more. You can tell Tim puts time, skills and effort into his classes.’

Martin Roberts

Martin RobertsMartin teaches across a range of areas in the field of finance and accounting, and specialises in management accounting. He is a Fellow Chartered Management Accountant (FCMA), awarded by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) for previous and ongoing involvement in the accounting profession at a senior level.

Martin is on several examination panels for the chartered and certified professional accounting bodies. He has 20 years’ experience working for large FTSE100 companies including, Cadbury’s, Smith and Nephew, Rexam, Alliance and Leicester. He is an active member of the finance accounting and business systems research and scholarly activity group.

Martin has been involved in published papers, presented papers, and been awarded grants on many pedagogic issues such as group work, communication apprehension and financial literacy. He has a masters degree in business research and is about to go on sabbatical to complete a PhD.

‘Martin is an extremely enthusiastic teacher. He goes through things well until people understand the topic. He is also hilarious.’

Neil Sissons

Neil SissonsNeil is a senior lecturer in performance for stage and screen in the faculty of Development and Society. He has been teaching at Sheffield Hallam for four years.

Before beginning at Hallam, Neil spent twenty seven years as a professional theatre director. He ran his own national and international touring theatre company, Compass Theatre Company, which toured vibrant new approaches to classics texts around the world. He was also a freelance director and an associate director of Hull Truck Theatre Company for eight years. Neil has directed almost 100 professional productions. He relishes the chance to teach in his home city and is enjoying the opportunity to reflect on his professional practice. He is also enjoying passing on his experience and developing his approach through work with the students in the classroom and rehearsal room.

‘From day one of the course, Neil has inspired me to pursue my dream to be an actor. His teaching techniques are second to none and I’m always engaged when he is talking. I owe my university experience to Neil, for his constant dedication to the course and students.’

Jennifer Sloan

Jennifer SloanJennifer grew up watching her mother’s inspirational teaching whist living with her parents in Kuwait and Northamptonshire. She would regularly play ‘teacher’ as a child, and learned to be more patient in teaching by reflecting on her father’s patience when trying to teach her maths! She went on to study law at Manchester University then moved into criminology by doing a MA in International Criminology, and then a PhD on men in prison, both at The University of Sheffield. During her PhD she began teaching law and criminology as a graduate teaching assistant and has been teaching ever since. She joined Sheffield Hallam University in August 2014 as a senior lecturer in criminology. Jennifer is astounded and humbled to have won such a privileged award in her first year at Sheffield Hallam.

‘She is incredibly supportive, and a fascinating woman to listen to. She makes lectures interesting and also gives massive support via, giving us a lot of things to read and watch in our spare time which help me to better understand what we have talked about in class.’

Jane Tattersall

Jane TattersallComing from an entrepreneurial background in commercial business and social enterprise, Jane has been teaching at Sheffield Hallam University since 2004 in the events management subject group. She is course leader for BSc Events  Management with around 600 students, and enjoys the challenge of guiding them through their course, developing skills and attributes for a successful career and devising new and innovative ways to engage students with their course and the wider business community.

Jane currently delivers some of the ‘hard’ (students’ words) modules such as ‘Strategic management’, but also leads some of the more ‘fun’ modules such as ‘Live events management’ and ‘Developing managerial skills’.

Jane is Hallam through and through having completed her BSc and MSc here and is now embarking on a PhD.

‘Even among a widely talented teaching team on the event management degree, Jane stands out as a star. Her grasp of our industry enables her to inspire her students to use their degree to their full advantage. I don’t know where I’d be without her.’

Claire Taylor

Claire TaylorClaire is a senior lecturer in human resource management and organisational behaviour at the Sheffield Business School. She is currently the course leader for the undergraduate business studies and human resource management programme. She is also a module leader for a number of HR modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Claire is in the final stages of completing a Doctorate in Business Administration and has two masters degrees in strategic marketing management and strategic corporate psychology. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a qualified workplace mediator.

Claire has been involved in business engagement for the University, delivering and developing corporate programmes for organisations such as Nestlé, The Cooperative Group and the National Skills Academy for Social Care.

‘Claire’s enthusiasm and charisma turned a potentially mundane module into a really fun one. I have never seen her without a smile on her face.’

Sarah Williams

Sarah-Williams-1024x682Sarah is a senior lecturer and course leader within the primary and early years education team. She is a primary physical education specialist who teaches across all postgraduate and undergraduate teacher education courses.

Sarah joined Sheffield Hallam four years ago and during this time has focused her attention on raising the profile of PE with trainee teachers. She is passionate about education and believes that when PE is taught well it can significantly improve children’s engagement and attainment in school.

Sarah feels privileged to work within  Sheffield Institute of Education and attributes her ardent enthusiasm to the students she works with. She is somewhat embarrassed but hugely honoured to have been recognised by the students.

‘Sarah is such an inspirational person. I love hearing the stories of what she has done in the past to get where she is today. I love her energy when we are in lessons and her attitude rubs off onto us as students, which creates a very positive work area.’



Alice Bell

Alice BellAlice is a reader in English language and literature in the Department of Humanities. She joined Sheffield Hallam University as a lecturer in 2007 after completing a PhD at the University of Sheffield.

Her research is situated within the fields of literary-linguistics, narrative theory and digital fiction. She is interested in how language and narrative structure work in literary texts that are written specifically for the digital medium (as opposed to being print converted to digital) and often contain sound, image, film and interactive elements such as hyperlinks.

Alice teaches on the English undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and supervises PhD students across the University. She says, ‘Supervising students’ research is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. I find research supervision thought-provoking, inspiring and enormously rewarding and enjoy supporting students as they gain critical skills, confidence, and knowledge and understanding of something that they are passionate about.’

‘As soon as I finish a meeting with her, I come out feeling enlightened. She restores my passion for the subject. I couldn’t have hoped for a better supervisor. She is extremely supportive, and I aim to be like her someday.’

Murray Clark

Murray Clark

Murray is a principal lecturer and PhD programme leader at Sheffield Business School. He is a chartered mining engineer and prior to his academic career he was a colliery undermanager for British Coal. Following a mining accident he completed his PhD in organizational behaviour and joined the University 1996 where he teaches organisation theory and research methodology.

Murray’s research interests and publications focus on trust, leadership and research methodology. He is co-editor of Sage’s Business and Management Research Methodologies (2006), co-author of The Dilemmas of Leadership (Routledge, 2006) and a co-contributor to Research Methods for Managers (Sage, 2010).

‘Murray is an inspiration. He has provided me with the confidence to pursue this Programme, and his human touch – understanding the pressures of work and study – has been a real help. Murray is honest, open and a person who genuinely wants his students to succeed.’

Karen Dunn

Karen Dunn

Karen is a principal lecturer in education and international lead for the Sheffield Institute of Education. She came to Sheffield Hallam University from the University of Sheffield in 1991 and worked in the Psychology Department until 2000 when she moved to  education.

Karen has directed many research projects which have evaluated services for disabled  children and their carers in local, national and international contexts. In particular, she has undertaken a wide range of projects which locate the perspectives of disabled children and their families as central. As part of this, she has developed methodologies for accessing the views of children and families who are hard to reach and often excluded from consultation processes.

‘Karen has given me the courage to continue when I wanted to give up and pushed my thinking even though I might have resisted. With insight and wisdom she has developed my ability to write and, with her commitment and enthusiasm, demonstrated how I might one day be that kind of supervisor.’

Geff Green

Geoff Green

Since joining Sheffield Hallam University in 1997, Geff Green has taught visual communication, multimedia and communication design to undergraduate students and communication and online journalism at masters level. He has supervised a wide range of PhD and masters dissertations, ranging from aspects of corporate communication to art and design theory and practice. This includes six completed PhDs and four current PhD supervisions.

After seven years as the faculty international business developer for South East Asia, Geff was promoted to deputy head of department for media arts and communication. His research has developed from focusing on 20th century cultural history in the Malay/Indonesian world to his more recent work focusing on Burmese/Karen refugees in Sheffield, their communication practices and identity construction as a displaced community.

‘Geff is approachable and sees me as a research partner. He constantly challenges my opinion and makes me learn how to defend my ideas and grow intellectually. He can also give me clear directions in my work and has allowed me to show my own personality.’

Pauline Reeves

Pauline Reeves 1

Dr Pauline Reeves is an associate lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing and holds contracts in both the Centre for Health Services Research (for postgraduate research supervision) and in Diagnostic Radiography (for lecturing and supervision at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels).

Pauline is a diagnostic radiographer by profession and has been an academic for over 30 years, lecturing at various UK universities including Sheffield Hallam. She has a national and international reputation and is a reviewer for a number of professional journals and is associate editor for the international journal Radiography.

‘Pauline’s knowledge, both in the clinical and research field, is phenomenal, and she never makes you feel daunted by her incredible experience. She has an infectious enthusiasm for research that drives you forward, keeping you focused as well as making it a little bit more fun.’



Andrew Bromley

Shu Andrew 1392

Andrew has worked in International Student Support for nearly eight years, co-ordinating the arrival and integration of all the University’s international students.

He has worked on developing various integration projects including the Global Friends project, Conversation Club and ICE Club, as well as various opportunities that bring together British and international students as part of their course.

Andrew has also worked for Common Purpose, Wakefield District Council and Business Link West Yorkshire, mainly in event planning and marketing. He graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in politics.

Andrew now been awarded three Inspirational Teaching Awards and has received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award this year in recognition of this achievement.

‘Andrew is one of the nicest people I’ve met here at Hallam. International students are not treated as a group – each one of us is treated individually. He has motivated me to get involved with activities.’

Bob Skelton

Bob Skelton

Bob started working for Sheffield Hallam 25 years ago. He had previously served a precision engineering apprenticeship for the Royal Navy ordnance manufacturing armament gauging systems. On leaving, he worked as a toolmaker in various Sheffield engineering companies, designing and manufacturing plastic injection mould tools and press tools.

For a number of years before coming to Hallam, Bob worked as an engineering technician at the University of Sheffield in the departments of building science and metallurgy.

‘Bob is always very helpful and he always finds time. I came in once at 6am and he opened up and helped me with my work. He always has a joke or two ready and he manages to find time for everybody. Sheffield Hallam wouldn’t be the same without him.’

Rachael Wigglesworth

Rachael Wigglesworth

Rachael started working at Sheffield Hallam University in 2007 in the Faculty of Development and Society as a course administrator. She joined the faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences as a portfolio manager in 2010 before joining the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing in 2011 to work as a student support officer.

She currently works within the nursing and midwifery team and looks after around 800 students. She really enjoys her work and finds it a very fulfilling and rewarding role which adds to the student experience.

Rachael moved to Sheffield in 2000 to study journalism at the University of Sheffield and travelled the world after graduating before moving back in  2006.

‘If it hadn’t been for Rachael I would not be entering my final year. Her support has been phenomenal. She goes over and beyond what she has to in her role, and I know that over the coming year I can count on her support.’