2021 Award Winners

During March to May 2021, students were asked (via an independent survey) to nominate an inspirational teacher and/or someone who had made a similar contribution to their experience outside the classroom. Students were also asked to provide a comment in support of their nomination.

Research students were asked to nominate inspirational research supervisors through the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES).A total of 115 nominations were received, nominating 88 members of staff. The panel made 4 Inspirational Research Supervisor Awards.

Following a hiatus in 2020, TNE students were asked to make nominations for inspirational teaching awards for overseas partners through the TNE Student Experience Survey. The selection processes are similar to those outlined below.

A total of 2671 nominations were received nominating 892 individual staff for either an inspirational teaching award, outstanding student support or outstanding academic advising across all Colleges and Directorates.  The number of nominations was comparable with the previous year (2479 nominations / 840 individual staff).

During July 2021, each College convened a panel to consider their nominations and used the criteria below to assess the impact the nominees have had on their students. Nominations were anonymised so that individual staff could not be identified. Each College made 12 awards, and these went forward as nominations for a University Inspirational Teaching Award. Similarly, 2 staff were each given a College Award for Outstanding Student Support and 6 for Outstanding Academic Adviser were nominated for a University Award.  A further 6 awards were made for Outstanding Student Support within Directorates, which were also nominated for a University Award.

In total 36 staff have been nominated for a University Inspirational Teaching Award, 18 staff for a University Outstanding Academic Adviser Award, and 12 staff for a University Outstanding Student Support Award.

The University panel made 15 Inspirational Teaching Awards, 5 Outstanding Student Support Awards, and 6 Outstanding Academic Adviser Awards.   Three winners also received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award, having won a University Inspirational Teaching Award or Outstanding Student Support Award on three separate occasions.

Inspirational Teaching Award Winners 2021

Karl Baker-Green (SSA, Psychology, Sociology & Politics)

Ruth Bastin (HWLS, Social Work Social Care & Com. Studies)

Myles Butler (HWLS, Allied Health Professions)

Kathryn Cooper (SSA, Education, Childhood and Inclusion)

James Corazzo (SSA, Art and Design)

Christopher Dymond (SSA, Media Arts and Communication)

Sarah Haywood-Small (HWLS, Biosciences and Chemistry)

Jamie Hufford (BTE, Computing)

Gregg Ibbotson (BTE, Computing)

Sarah McDonald (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)

Simon Nicholls (BTE, Management)

Anjana Raghavan (SSA, Psychology, Sociology & Politics)

Anna Rudkin (SSA, Law and Criminology)

Xu Xu (BTE, Engineering and Maths)

Outstanding Student Support Award Winners 2021

Gillian Marshall (SAS, Student Support Services)

Eric Thompson (BESE, Academic and Strategic Employability)

Philippa Thompson (SSA, Education, Childhood and Inclusion)

Janet Vickers (HWLS, Academy of Sport & Physical Activity)

Stephen Wilson (SAS, Student Support Services)

Outstanding Academic Advising Award Winners 2021

Gayle Hazelby (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)

Lynsey Hunter (SSA, Education, Childhood and Inclusion)

David Morrish (SSA, Art and Design)

Simon Nicholls (BTE, Management)

Marion Rice (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)

Anna Rudkin (SSA, Law and Criminology)

Inspirational Research Supervisor Award Winners 2021

Mayur Ranchordas (Health Research Institute)

Michael Coldwell (Social and Economic Research Institute)

Peter Jones (Culture and Creativity Institute)

Xu Xu (Industry and Innovation Institute)

Inspirational Teaching Award (Overseas Partner) Winners 2021

Kevin Chan Leong Kit (INTI Center of Art & Design (ICAD), Malaysia) SSA

Ryan Cheah (INTI Center of Art & Design (ICAD), Malaysia) SSA

Tapiwa Gande (Botswana Accountancy College, Gaborone) BTE

Blessing Madizha (Botswana Accountancy College, Gaborone) BTE

Sue-Jane Yeo (INTI Center of Art & Design (ICAD), Malaysia) SSA

Inspirational Teaching Award (Overseas Partner) Commendations 2021

Lee Henderson (Sino-British College, Shanghai) BTE

Adeline Lo (SHAPE, Hong Kong) BTE

Ijeoma Okpanum (Sino-British College, Shanghai) BTE

Jane Tattersall (SHAPE, Hong Kong) BTE

Fung Wai Wah (SCOPE, Hong Kong) SSA

Audrey Yeung (SCOPE, Hong Kong) SSA

Vice-Chancellor’s Award Winner 2021

The Vice-Chancellor’s Award is made to members of staff who have won awards on three separate occasions.

Ryan Cheah (PJ College of Art & Design, INTI, Malaysia) SSA

Sarah Haywood-Small (HWLS, Biosciences and Chemistry)

Simon Nicholls (BTE, Management)

Anjana Raghavan (SSA, Psychology, Sociology & Politics)