Selection Process 2019


Background to the 2019 awards

At the end of Semester 1 students were asked (via an independent survey) to nominate an inspirational teacher and/or someone who had made a similar contribution to their experience outside the classroom. Students were also asked to provide a comment in support of their nomination.

Research students were asked to nominate inspirational research supervisors through the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES). Following the successful introduction of inspirational teaching awards for overseas partners in 2017, TNE students were asked to make nominations for 2019 through the TNE Student Experience Survey. The selection processes are similar to those outlined below.

Inspirational Teaching and Outstanding Student Support Nominations

A total of 2562 nominations were received nominating 1103 individual staff / groups of staff for either an inspirational teaching award or outstanding student support across the four faculties, and directorates. The number of nominations was comparable to the previous year.

The selection process for the Inspirational Teaching Awards has followed the same methodology as previous years.

During March, each faculty convened a panel to consider their nominations and used the criteria below to assess the impact the nominees have had on their students. Nominations were anonymised so that individual staff could not be identified. Each Faculty made 10 awards and these went forward as nominations for a University Inspirational Teaching Award. Similarly 3 staff were given a Faculty Award for Outstanding Student Support and were nominated for a University Award. A further 3 awards were made for Outstanding Student Support within Directorates, which were also nominated for a University Award.

In total 40 staff have been nominated for a University Inspirational Teaching Award and 15 staff for a University Outstanding Student Support Award.

The University Panel met on 15th April chaired by Dr Neil McKay (Dean of Students) along with Juliet Hinrichsen (Head of Academic Professional Development, LEAD), Rebecca Hodgson (Assistant Dean (Student Experience), SSH), Mark Jacobi (Principal Lecturer, STA), Sheriff Muhammed (Education Officer, SHSU), Alison Purvis (Head of Learning Teaching and Assessment, HWB).  Samantha Giove (Assistant Dean (Student Experience), SBS) also contributed to the panel.

Inspirational Teaching (Overseas Partner) Nominations

Overseas students were asked to nominate an inspirational teacher from the following overseas partner institutions or from Sheffield Hallam University:

  • Botswana Accountancy College (BAC)
  • INTI Centre of Art and Design (ICAD), Malaysia
  • SCOPE, Hong Kong
  • SHAPE, Hong Kong
  • Sino-British College, China
  • TAR UC, Malaysia

A total of 283 nominations were received nominating 73 individual staff across the six overseas partners mentioned above, including those from Sheffield Hallam University who teach on overseas partner courses.

The University Panel met on 2nd May chaired by Dr Neil McKay (Dean of Students) along with Juliet Hinrichsen (Head of Academic Professional Development, LEAD), Mark Jacobi (Principal Lecturer, STA) and Abdullah Okud (President, SHSU).


Inspirational Teaching Award

  1. Fostering enthusiasm for their subject and inspiring student engagement with learning
  2. Raising academic attainment by challenging students to achieve their full potential
  3. Transformational impact on students in their transition in, through and out of their programme of study.

Outstanding Student Support

  1. Supporting students and enabling them to achieve
  2. Impact on student retention and progression
  3. Providing exceptional support above and beyond what might normally be expected

Inspirational Research Supervisors

A total of 108 nominations were received, nominating 84 members of staff, which were then considered by a panel chaired by Professor Doug Cleaver, Director of the Doctoral School.