Selection process 2013

Nominations for the 2013 awards were received from 3197 students (an increase of 800 students from 2012).

The students were able to nominate up to two members of staff or groups of staff by writing up to 200 words on why individuals and groups of staff inspired or transformed their student experience.

Following the identification of Faculty Award winners, nominees were selected to go to the next stage for the University Student Nominated Inspirational Teaching Awards and Outstanding Student Support awards.

A selection was held early in May. This involved the University Selection Panel looking at all the nominations anonymously and, where possible, without the details of the discipline which might identify individuals.

The selection panel for 2013 was made up of:

  • Prof Mike Bramhall, National Teaching Fellow, Principal Fellow of the HEA, ADAD in the Faculty of ACES.
  • Dr Graham Holden, Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Prof Sue Thompson, External and National Teaching Fellow
  • Helen Francis, President of the Sheffield Hallam University Students’ Union
  • Anna Bunyan, Postgraduate Student and Student Researcher for the Inspirational Teaching Awards
  • Dr Sally Bradley, Chair

Recipients of the University Awards were then informed followed by the announcement of the winners soon after. The Award Winners’ stories page includes bios from some of the faculty winners reflecting on their working experience and how they feel about winning a faculty award.