2020 University Award Winners Announced

Inspirational Teaching Award Winners 2020

Following nomination and selection processes which have taken place over the past few months, this year’s winners have been announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Chris Husbands.

Congratulations to all this year’s nominees and winners!

Gavin ABERNETHY    (BTE, Engineering and Maths)
Paul ALLAN                (BTE, Management)
Julie BINNEY             (HWLS, Academy of Sport & Physical Activity)
Hayley BRADLEY       (SSA, Humanities)
Jodie CLARK              (SSA, Humanities)
Maureen COLEMAN   (HWLS, Allied Health Professions)
Kathryn COOPER       (SSA, Teacher Education)
Patricia DAY               (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
Cara DOXEY              (SSA, Teacher Education)
Sally FREEMAN         (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
David HALL                (HWLS, Allied Health Professions)
Ian HALLIDAY            (BTE, Engineering and Maths)
Caldun HARRIS          (SSA, Law and Criminology)
Jamie HUFFORD        (BTE, Computing)
Lynsey HUNTER        (SSA, Teacher Education)
Scott JONES              (BTE, Management)
Kathleen NAKIELSKI  (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
Zoe NANGAH             (SSA, Education, Childhood and Inclusion)
Claire TAYLOR           (BTE, Management)
Sarah WILLIAMS        (SSA, Teacher Education)
Richard TUNE            (HWLS, Allied Health Professions)
Xu XU                        (BTE, Engineering and Maths)

Outstanding Student Support Award Winners 2020

Michelle BLACKBURN (BTE, Management)
Anne HENSHAW        (SAS, Student Support Services)
Gillian MARSHALL      (SAS, Student Support Services)
Tracey ROBERTS      (SAS, Student Support Services)
Jozef SEN                  (SAS, Student Support Services)

Inspirational Research Supervisor Award Winner 2020

Harriet TARLO (SSA, Humanities)
Rory RIDLEY-DUFF (BTE, Management)
Christine LE MAITRE (HWLS, Biosciences and Chemistry)
Simon CHOPPIN (HWLS, Academy of Sport and Physical Activity)

Outstanding Student Support (Research) Award Winner 2020

Catherine DUCKETT (HWLS, Biosciences and Chemistry)

Vice-Chancellor’s Award Winner 2020

The following members of staff have received awards on three different occasions and are the recipients of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award:

Michelle BLACKBURN (BTE, Management)
Jodie CLARK (SSA, Humanities)
Patricia DAY (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
Claire TAYLOR (BTE, Management)

Sheffield Business School (SBS) celebrates its inspirational teachers

by Danielle Lee, SBS operations officer and Exec Assistant to Prof Adrian Hopgood

SBS ITA awards

Ian Ellision receives his award from Prof Adrian Hopgood

A couple of weeks ago the SBS Executive hosted a celebration for staff awarded the Faculty Inspirational Teaching Awards.

During the Student Barometer Survey students were asked to write up to 200 words on how staff have made an inspirational or transformative impact on their student experience. A total of 195 staff members were nominated from SBS, and from that number a faculty panel consisting of peers and a student representative selected 15 members of staff that students had identified as outstandingly inspirational.

Our 15 Faculty winners were: Andrew Hird, Clare Moonan, Ian Ellison, Michelle Blackburn and Tim Williams (Department of Management); Anna Hall, Professor Colin Beard, Dan Woodason, Jenny Cockill, Paul Beresford and Phil Crowther, (Department of Service Sector Management); Dora Chan, Faisal Sheikh, Professor John Joyce, and Jayne Hunter (Department of Finance Accounting and Business). Dr Nicola Palmer won an Inspirational Research Supervisor Award.

The winners were invited to enjoy fizz and canapés in the Deli, followed by a photo presentation and speech from Professor Adrian Hopgood, Pro Vice-Chancellor. Dave Laughton, Head of Learning Teaching and Assessment, said, ‘The nominated SBS staff and the faculty winners have made an exceptional contribution to the student experience and it’s fantastic to be able to attend an event to celebrate their hard work and dedication. My congratulations go to all 195 nominees.’

It’s a funny thing getting an award like this,’ said Ian Ellison, one of the award winners, ‘because you feel so tremendously proud but you also don’t want to make a big deal of it. The Faculty Inspirational Teaching Awards event is a really nice way of celebrating our collective success and reminding ourselves that the student experience is fundamentally what it’s all about.’

Of the 15 faculty award winners, eight won a University Inspirational Teaching Award and Dr Nicola Palmer (Department of Service Sector Management) won an Inspirational Research Supervisor Award. Those nine staff members have been invited to attend the University Inspirational Teaching Awards dinner next month, which is hosted by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Liz Barnes.

Professor Adrian Hopgood said, ‘I am delighted to see SBS so strongly represented in the University Inspirational Teaching Awards. My sincere congratulations go to Michelle, Paul, Dora, Jenny, Phil, Jayne, John, Tim, and Nicola. The SBS executive are thrilled to be hosting the event for all of our Faculty winners. It is a significant achievement for 195 SBS staff to be nominated and is a result of the remarkable contribution our academic staff make in the lives of our students’.

Faculty of Development and Society – Awards and celebrations

by Ralph Mackinder, D&S technical projects officer

Team Awards

The evening of Thursday 19 June saw outstanding teams and inspirational teachers celebrated at the D&S Faculty Team Awards 2014. The event took place at the Mercure St Pauls Hotel, where Professor John Leach led proceedings, which were also attended by Vice-Chancellor Philip Jones.

Although the evening coincided with other Faculty events including the highly popular Architecture degree show and a crucial world cup match, the event was very well attended, with a tangible sense of fun and celebration in the air.

In a break from previous years, the 15 faculty winners of the Inspirational Teacher award were announced and presented with commemorative silver stars. This addition made the event a true celebration of faculty staff, and gave all in attendance the chance to see both teamwork and individual excellence rewarded.

As the evening drew to a close, the team award winners were announced, starting with a well deserved Highly Commended award for Faculty helpdesks – introduced by our Head of Professional Services, Michelle Nolan. John Leach then announced two joint runners up

Runner Up :

Be|Spoke Project Team

Runner Up :

Student Volunteer Fair Team (DLC, PSP)

And the Overall Winner:

Business to Business Development Team for Barratt Homes

Team Nominated: Aimee Stonehouse (Barratt Homes), Amy Dixon, Denise Hobart, Liz Gamlen, Rachel Wolstenholme, Sam Moorwood and Suzie Flynn (Barratt Homes)