2020 University Award Winners Announced

Inspirational Teaching Award Winners 2020

Following nomination and selection processes which have taken place over the past few months, this year’s winners have been announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Chris Husbands.

Congratulations to all this year’s nominees and winners!

Gavin ABERNETHY    (BTE, Engineering and Maths)
Paul ALLAN                (BTE, Management)
Julie BINNEY             (HWLS, Academy of Sport & Physical Activity)
Hayley BRADLEY       (SSA, Humanities)
Jodie CLARK              (SSA, Humanities)
Maureen COLEMAN   (HWLS, Allied Health Professions)
Kathryn COOPER       (SSA, Teacher Education)
Patricia DAY               (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
Cara DOXEY              (SSA, Teacher Education)
Sally FREEMAN         (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
David HALL                (HWLS, Allied Health Professions)
Ian HALLIDAY            (BTE, Engineering and Maths)
Caldun HARRIS          (SSA, Law and Criminology)
Jamie HUFFORD        (BTE, Computing)
Lynsey HUNTER        (SSA, Teacher Education)
Scott JONES              (BTE, Management)
Kathleen NAKIELSKI  (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
Zoe NANGAH             (SSA, Education, Childhood and Inclusion)
Claire TAYLOR           (BTE, Management)
Sarah WILLIAMS        (SSA, Teacher Education)
Richard TUNE            (HWLS, Allied Health Professions)
Xu XU                        (BTE, Engineering and Maths)

Outstanding Student Support Award Winners 2020

Michelle BLACKBURN (BTE, Management)
Anne HENSHAW        (SAS, Student Support Services)
Gillian MARSHALL      (SAS, Student Support Services)
Tracey ROBERTS      (SAS, Student Support Services)
Jozef SEN                  (SAS, Student Support Services)

Inspirational Research Supervisor Award Winner 2020

Harriet TARLO (SSA, Humanities)
Rory RIDLEY-DUFF (BTE, Management)
Christine LE MAITRE (HWLS, Biosciences and Chemistry)
Simon CHOPPIN (HWLS, Academy of Sport and Physical Activity)

Outstanding Student Support (Research) Award Winner 2020

Catherine DUCKETT (HWLS, Biosciences and Chemistry)

Vice-Chancellor’s Award Winner 2020

The following members of staff have received awards on three different occasions and are the recipients of the Vice-Chancellor’s Award:

Michelle BLACKBURN (BTE, Management)
Jodie CLARK (SSA, Humanities)
Patricia DAY (HWLS, Nursing and Midwifery)
Claire TAYLOR (BTE, Management)

2015 awards – update

Background to this year’s awards

At the end of Semester 1  students completing the Student Barometer were asked to name an inspirational teacher and/or someone who had made a similar contribution outside the classroom experience and explain how the individual had made a difference. A separate survey was made available for level 6 students.  Students were asked to nominate Research Supervisors  through the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES).

Inspirational Teaching and Outstanding Student Support Nominations

A total of 4929 nominations were received nominating 1777 individual staff / groups of staff for either an inspirational teaching award or outstanding student support across the four faculties, and directorates. This is a significant increase on last year where the number was 3500.

The selection process for the Inspirational Teaching Awards has followed the same methodology as previous years. Each faculty convened a panel to consider their nominations and used the criteria below to assess the impact the nominees have had on their students and made 15 Faculty Awards who were nominated for a University Inspirational Teaching Award. Similarly 3 staff were made a Faculty Award for Outstanding Student Support and nominated for a University Award. The University Panel sat on the 5th May chaired by myself along with our external Prof Mick Healey (PFHEA, NTF), Prof Mike Bramhall (Assistant Dean Academic Development Faculty of ACES, PFHEA and NTF), Emily Conor (Sheffield Hallam Students Union President), Prof Colin Beard (NTF and Teaching Fellow in Sheffield Business School) and Juliet Hinrichsen (Head of Academic Professional Development, LEAD).


Inspirational Teaching Award

1.Fostering enthusiasm for their subject and inspiring student engagement with learning

2. Raising academic attainment by challenging students to achieve their full potential

3. Transformational impact on students in their transition in, through and out of their programme of study.

Outstanding Student Support

1. Supporting students and enabling them to achieve

2. Impact on student retention and progression

3.Providing exceptional support above and beyond what might normally be expected

Inspirational Research Supervisors

A total of 192 staff were also nominated by students for an Inspirational Research Supervisor Award which were considered by a panel chaired by Dr Doug Cleaver.