The Design Journal Vol. 22 issue 3, edited by Paul Atkinson

The Design Journal Vol. 22 issue 3

The third issue of Volume 22 of The Design Journal has now been published, and includes a book review by SHU Graphic Design lecturer Jame Corazzo. In his editorial, Transitions, editor Prof Paul Atkinson draws parallels with song lyrics exploring themes of change and transition. Paul notes that ‘designers deal with change on an everyday basis, and change inevitably involves the […]

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Wednesday 08 May 2019 – Lunchtime Seminar with Professor Paul Atkinson (Design & Design History) and Professor Virginia Heath (Film)

Title: Hairy Guys in Sheds / Three Chords and the Truth (with ‘work in progress’ film screening and live performance) Speakers: Professor Paul Atkinson and Professor Virginia Heath Abstract Emerging as a side project from research into a book on the design history of electric guitars, Hairy Guys in Sheds is the title of an article written by Paul Atkinson looking at […]

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The Design Journal Vol. 21 issue 5, edited by Paul Atkinson

The Design Journal, Vol. 21 issue 5, Sep 2018

The articles in this issue, edited by Paul Atkinson, all in some way discuss the different ways in which people—designers, cultures, organisations and end users—see things from particular perspectives or in particular ways, and in doing so decide upon a particular way of doing things. The issue is introduced by Paul in his editorial ‘Points of View‘  and includes five […]

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‘The computer mouse at 50’ – Professor Paul Atkinson on the BBC World Service’s Click

Image of Paul Atkinson, an old computer mouse (from BBC World Service, Prototype of the first mouse computer presented in 1968 (invented in 1963 by Douglas C. Engelbart) Credit: Apic/Getty Images) and BBC World Service logo

Professor of Design and Design History Paul Atkinson  was a guest on BBC World Service’s Click programme on Saturday 29 December talking about the computer mouse on its 50th anniversary and how the design was developed and refined. Fifty years ago Doug Engelbart, engineer and inventor from the Augmentation Research Center Lab, gave what has become known as the ‘mother of […]

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The Design Journal Vol. 21 issue 3, edited by Paul Atkinson

Design Journal Vol 21 issue 3

Accurate communication is obviously important in all aspects of life, but especially so in design. At every stage of the process, from research to concept generation, through design development to proposed solutions, production and testing, complex issues need to be communicated to a wide range of people coming from a range of different backgrounds, all with their own terminology, perspectives […]

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Prof Paul Atkinson speaking at celebration of computing at Bletchley Park – 9 June 2017

Professor Paul Atkinson has been invited to take part in an event celebrating computing at Bletchley Park where Alan Turing and others did the work in breaking German codes used in WWII. The week-long event, organised by Kellogg College, University of Oxford, will comprise a number of activities centred on cyber-security, computing and mathematics. Paul will be speaking at an afternoon event dedicated […]

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Call for Papers: Design for Health Journal


Design for Health is an international refereed journal covering all aspects of design in the context of health and wellbeing. The Journal is published twice a year and provides a forum for design and health scholars, design professionals, health-care practitioners, educators and managers worldwide. Call for papers:  Design for Health is now accepting submissions for forthcoming issues of the journal. In order […]

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Journal Editorship: The Design Journal

The Design Journal banner header

  Established in 1997, The Design Journal is an international refereed journal covering all aspects of design. The journal welcomes articles on design in both cultural and commercial contexts. The journal is published six times a year and provides a forum for design scholars, professionals, educators and managers worldwide. It aims to publish thought-provoking work which will have a direct […]

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