The Design Journal Vol. 23 issue 5, Sep 2020, edited by Paul Atkinson

The Design Journal Vol 23 issue 5
Title:The Design Journal, Vol 23 issue 5, Sep 2020
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Prof Paul Atkinson
Associate editor:Prof Louise Valentine
Editorial assistant:Kirsty Christer
Print ISSN:1460-6925
Online ISSN: 1756-3062
Published: 6 times per year

In the latest issue of the Design Journal, editor Prof Paul Atkinson considers how we are adapting to ‘The New Normal’ in the COVID-19 era. In particular, he considers how the ‘hacked’ or innovated temporary design solutions to immediate problems are gradually being replaced with more permanent, professionally design alternatives. Newly-designed solutions continue to emerge.

But more pressing for design researchers are the implications for design stemming from these new requirements for interpersonal relations—how will it affect the practice of design research itself?

How can the lengthy face-to-face, semi-structured interviews be satisfactorily substituted by conference calls? As more and more design research relies on participatory research methods, what then for the co-design workshop?

The societal and behavioural changes the Coronavirus has wrought are certain to drastically alter the ways in which we as design researchers go about our work, and will need much careful thought and deliberation in the search for solutions.

The articles in Volume 23 issue 5 explore insights on collaborative research, cultural differences and observing people’s reactions to stimuli. Two articles address issues of meaning and interpretation. The final two articles in this issue address reading and writing.

Special issue

This issue also includes a Call for Papers on The Value of Design-Driven Entrepreneurship. Guest editor Dr Ida Telalbasic from University of Loughborough asks how does design add value to the field of entrepreneurial activity, and does the field of entrepreneurship add value to the field of design?

The themes will be of particular relevance to design researchers interested in service design, entrepreneurship, ecosystems, systems thinking/system design and innovation.

Authors are invited to submit full papers (maximum 7000 words including all text) responding to the themes described in the Call for Papers for consideration and review. A selection of accepted papers will be published in Vol. 24 Issue 5 in September 2021. Relevant PhD Study Reports, or Book Reviews are also invited.

Please contact Kirsty Christer in the Editorial office for further details: k [dot] a [dot] christer [at] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk