About this blog

Welcome to the new C3RI Impact Blog.

This blog is intended to showcase the broad range of activity undertaken by C3RI researchers. It is a place for interaction between our researchers, external partners, doctoral students and the public beyond academia.

The C3RI Impact Blog is a place for visitors to browse and gain an understanding of the breadth and quality of C3RI research. A place where we announce our latest exhibitions and publications, share good news stories and publicise our research seminar series.

It is also a place where researchers blog. Contributions from academics at all career stages from doctoral students through to readers and professors present the inside stories from their research projects and demonstrate the truly interdisciplinary nature of the Institute and its work.

The blog is managed by me, Alison Honnor, C3RI Impact Researcher. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. You can get in touch with me via the contact form, or by tweeting me (@alisonhonnor).



Image credit for blog background:  Keith Wilson, Calendar. Installed at MAC Belfast, 2016