Transmission 2015-16


This year’s Fine Art lecture series takes up the places of art, its various locations and possibilities for location, which may be more than the linear trajectory of studio, gallery, collection. Perhaps art happens anywhere, everywhere, in the many interstices and detours between site of production and valorisation by institution. Place, the place of art, may be as unpredictable as its form or content. Art may happen in language or in silence, in gardens or bedrooms, in public exchange and political engagement; we may be obliged to look for it, even finding it where it is not.








Transmission, an annual series of lectures and symposia, is a collaboration between the Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University; Site Gallery, Sheffield; and, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. Convened by Sharon Kivland in 2001, Transmission was developed collaboratively with Lesley Sanderson during 2001-4 and Jasper Joseph-Lester in 2004-6.