C3RI seminar series 2019-20

A programme of lunchtime research seminars for SHU staff and postgraduate students.

​If you are interested in presenting as part of the seminar series, or have a suggested external speaker, please contact the relevant academic lead below or email the C3RI Administrator.

Art & Design – Coilin O’Dubhgha​ill

Computing, Communications and Media – Luigina Ciolfi

Full seminar programme coming soon … 

Wednesday 02 October 20191.00pm-2.00pmCantor 9025Ko-Le Chen (videographer/
ethnographer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Hosted by Professor Luigina Ciolfi
Making research fictions – taking a creative approach to ethnographic accounts in workplace studies

Wednesday 16 October 20191.00pm-2.00pmCantor 9138Dr Kassim S MwitondiA Big Data Approach to Expounding Triggers of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Indicators

Thursday 07 November 20191.00pm-2.00pmCantor 9024Kieran Nolan (Lecturer in Creative Media at Dundalk Institute of Technology’s School of Informatics and Creative Arts)
Hosted by: Professor Luigina Ciolfi
Arcade Videogames as Aesthetic Interfaces and Self-Reflexive Research Artefacts

Wednesday 20 November 20191.00pm-2.00pmCantor 9135Dr Lyuba Alboul and Dr Louis NisiotisFusing Virtual Reality, Robotics and Social Networking Technologies: Towards a New Type of Cyber-Physical-Community-based Eco-System

Thursday 21 November 20191.00pm-2.00pmCantor 9129Dr Ruth DellerReality TV in the age of social media

Wednesday 18 December 20191.00pm-2.00pmCantor 9129Carlos Eduardo da Silva Employing Self-adaptation for dealing with Insider Threats