The Design Journal Vol. 23 issue 3, May 2020, edited by Paul Atkinson

Design Journal May 2020
Title:The Design Journal, Vol 23 issue 3, May 2020
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Prof Paul Atkinson
Associate editor:Prof Louise Valentine
Editorial assistant:Kirsty Christer
Print ISSN:1460-6925
Online ISSN: 1756-3062
Published: 6 times per year

In the latest issue of the Design Journal, editor Prof Paul Atkinson reflects on ‘Social Distancing‘ and how our altered behaviours in social spaces may remain long after the current pandemic subsides. Design may be called on to redesign services, interiors, products, transport and online communications to take our changed social behaviours into account. Design is often seen as an agent of future change, and several of the papers in this issue speak to that.

The articles in Volume 23 issue 3 explore generative design and design fiction, collaboration in design education and product design. The last group of papers explore design and the senses: exploratory design for visitors with visual impairments in museums and galleries, the use of smell to create emotional experiences, and using design to change eating habits.

This month also sees an addition to the Design Journal’s editorial board. The editorial team is pleased to welcome Dr Gemma Wheeler, Lab4Living researcher in the Art & Design Research Centre, who joins Dr Chris Lim as PhD Study Reports Editor. PhD Study reports give current doctoral students the opportunity to share their methods and approaches in a brief report. Gemma works on a range of projects within Lab4Living, with a focus on participatory design and working with young people, and she was recently Track Leader and review panel member for the Design4Health conference.