‘Three Chords and the Truth’ film to screen in 51st Nashville Film Festival

2020-10 HEATH ATKINSON Nashville Film Festival Three Chords and the Truth Still

‘Three Chords and the Truth’, a film directed by Professor of Film, Virginia Heath, and Written by Professor of Design and Design History, Paul Atkinson, will screen at the 51st Nashville Film Festival between Thursday 01 and Wednesday 07 October 2020. Find out more about the screening here.

Laurels from one of the cultural centres of American Music gives a real stamp of authenticity to the film, which celebrates the democratic, anti-corporate, maverick spirit of the ‘Cigar Box Guitar Revolution’.

The film portrays the passionate makers and players of cigar box guitars. Many of these craftsmen and musicians are from post-industrial British towns, and have created a self-identity through making these unique three-stringed guitars. Born from the blues, their simple, low cost, ‘no rules’ approach means anyone can try their hand.

These are the fervent advocates of the ‘cigar box guitar revolution’ who express their love of designing and constructing hand-made instruments, recycled from almost anything. The democratic, pro-recycling, local-production ethos of the movement inspires new recruits, while the emotional connection they feel for their instruments creates a unique and evocative sound that totally transports musicians and audiences alike.

The Nashville Film Festival (NashFilm) is a globally-recognised non-profit organisation and cultural event presenting the best in world cinema, American independent films and documentaries by veteran masters, up-and-coming directors, and first-time filmmakers.

Virginia Heath is Professor of Film in the Art and Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University. She is a multi-award winning writer/director with New Zealand and UK nationality. She directs documentary and drama films including the acclaimed, BAFTA nominated, From Scotland With Love and Berlinale award winning Relativity.

Paul Atkinson is Professor of Design and Design History in the Art and Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University. He is the author of various books and articles that have explored the design history of the computer, the design history of the electric guitar, the relationship between amateur and professional design practice and the history of the DIY and Maker Movements.