Chloë Brown interviewed about her ‘Soft Rebellion in Paradise’ for BBC Radio Sheffield and Chapel FM

Paradise Square, Sheffield

A Soft Rebellion in Paradise reflects on the history of the city as a place of political activism and will look in particular to highlight the voices of women that are so often lost in the retelling of histories around the world.

In recent years artist (and SHU Senior Lecturer in Fine Art) Chloë Brown has been working on a series of ‘Soft Rebellions’ in post-industrial cities, first in Stoke-on-Trent, then in Detroit and now in Sheffield. These take the form of a film or an event posing the question: ‘what happens when the economic engines of a city slow down but the people don’t?’ So far these ‘Soft Rebellions’ have involved dancing, eating, meeting and applauding in places where it is unusual to do so.

Recently Chloë was interviewed for the Paulette Edwards morning show on BBC Radio Sheffield and by Adrian Sinclair for Leeds-based community radio station Chapel FM. You can listen to Chloë on the BBC here (from 1:08:30) and on Chapel FM here.

Chloë Brown is an artist and Senior Lecturer/Course Leader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, living in Sheffield, UK. She has an MA in Sculpture from Chelsea College of Art, London (1994), and a BA in Fine Art from the University of Reading (1987).