Teach Yourself

Encourage your students to be more creative with technology

We have created a variety of items which you can copy onto any SBS Blackboard site to encourage and enable students to teach themselves different technological skills. Students may want to learn these skills in relation to a module or assignment task, or to aid their own professional development.

As a business school it is important we encourage students to use different technologies which can be useful in the workplace. Learning new software can often be expected during placements or graduate jobs from complex telephone systems to advanced data collection techniques. Students and graduates won’t be expected to have prior knowledge on how to use every piece of technology, but a basic understanding and willingness to learn is advantageous. Learning new technologies is a fundamental skill which is unavoidable in the current job market.

Understanding the practical uses of technology can help our graduates stand out during the recruitment processes or when working in industry,  pitching themselves, a product, or an idea to senior staff.

While PowerPoint is an acceptable way to present information it is predictable and can be repetitive. Using alternative technology to demonstrate ideas in a more relevant or meaningful way can help the audience to see the presenters vision more clearly. Combining different technologies with PowerPoint will no doubt give our graduates the edge while working in industry.

By including these sections on Blackboard to encourage students to learn at their own pace and ability, it will help them build the skills employers look for. Most of the technologies displayed in the Teach Yourself resource are easy to use while maintaining a professional look and feel. This will be ideal for most students who have limited knowledge and time but want to upskill and create effective resources. For students wishing to advance their technological skill further there is information on lynda.com and AppsAnywhere. To read more about lynda.com click here.

The Teach Yourself resource includes information on how to make videos, infographics, websites, posters and more abstract resources such as animations and comic strips. For each tool there is an example and a link to some online guidance to help them to get started and learn the basics. We are encouraging students to independently problem solve using different tools such as Google and YouTube when using these new tools.

For access to the Teach Yourself resource ask a member of the TEL team.

Teach Yourself

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