Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


Lecturers can deliver sessions to students by sharing audio and video live or pre-recorded. Screens can be shared so PowerPoint slides, YouTube videos or other online resources can still be used a learning aid within the lecture. Simultaneously documents can be uploaded to the online classroom for students to download and use for themselves.

But how do I know the students are listening?

When live streaming lectures, leaders have the ability to see which students are online. There is also an option for students to raise a virtual hand to ask questions. An easy and fun way to ensure students are listening and engaging with the lecture.

To maintain engagement, groups can be created to promote student interaction within the session. Students can be given tasks or topics to discuss within their group, and even a whiteboard to jot notes and ideas. Another popular tool is the poling tool, which is a brilliant way to gather opinions or test student’s logical thinking.

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