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Using Google Forms To Create Quizzes With Differentiated Feedback

You probably know that you can make a quiz using Google Forms but did you know that you can give students differentiated feedback based on how they answer the questions? Take this quick quiz about Shakespeare plays a couple of … Continue reading

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Using Video for Assessment

Susan Fairest and Jill Machon decided to use video assessment for a piece of group work to make it more exciting for the students. The raison d’etre for choosing this method was that “At Level 5 they get a lot … Continue reading

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Create QR Codes

What are they? QR codes are like a online barcode that consists of a mix of squares, which act as a link to a webpage. These codes can be scanned via smart devices and the person scanning the code will … Continue reading

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Using live a twitter stream in lectures

One of our lecturers tried an experiment – trialling the use of twitter in lectures. He set up his powerpoint slides with #tags relating to various topics and got his students to post comments / answer questions. Below is his … Continue reading

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