Using live a twitter stream in lectures

One of our lecturers tried an experiment – trialling the use of twitter in lectures. He set up his powerpoint slides with #tags relating to various topics and got his students to post comments / answer questions. Below is his reaction and thoughts

People who wouldn’t normally contribute were tweeting and then after the lecture we carried on discussions. The most amazing thing about it was the fact that the topic was knowledge management and one of my questions to them was about the world brain and Google’s book scanning project. I used the # tag worldbrain and about 30 minutes after the lecture the GoogleWorldBrain project Twitter site picked up on it and favourited it – massive potential here for opening up lectures outside of the 4 walls! 2 screens and projectors would have helped so certain limitations at present but it does work!

Some interesting thoughts, and ideas for the future

Twitter Lecture Photos

Google Faviourite

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