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In August 2019, we ran a digital exam with our international summer school students TARUC with resounding success. Francis Awolowo the module leader was delighted by how the exam went and is running more digital exams this semester. The exam consisted of multiple choice questions that were auto-marked, so that students got their results the next day.

The students were encouraged to use their own laptops to take the exams. Prior to the exam, support was given to help students install the software on their devices. They also performed a mock exam to develop their confidence with the new digital format. While the exam was in progress, the software locked down the laptops so the students couldn’t access other websites or applications (although there are options to allow access to specified websites or documents). The invigilators monitored students progress using the software and were able to proactively identify and help students who were experiencing difficulty. Throughout the project, support was provided to academic colleagues and students by the Exams Team, the TEL team and DTS.

A number of other SBS staff are planning to run digital exams for both phase tests and final exams during Semester Two.

Do you want to run a digital assessment?  If so please get in contact the SBS TEL team for further information.



Summary of benefits

For students

  • Students use their own device, which enhances their confidence
  • Students type instead of write by hand. Many students find this easier and the output is more legible for assessors
  • Students can use assistive technologies such as screenreaders with the digital exam software, providing disabled students with a more equitable experience
  • The interface is easy to use and there are a host of features that support effective exam technique
  • Students receive feedback more promptly with auto-marking

 For academic staff

  • The software supports a wide variety of question types. For example, you can ask students to write essays, record audio, create graphs or charts, annotate images, or write formula using mathematical or chemical notation.
  • You can save time, reduce error, and release comprehensive feedback for students in a very short turn around time with auto-marking
  • The interface is easy to use and support is available throughout for you and your students

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