Threshold Standards

Threshold Standards for Supporting Learning with Technology

These standards set out the minimum good practice for online support and delivery of all modules, whether delivered wholly online, face to face, or a combination of the two. Through consultation, they have been established to enable a consistent student experience, and create a high quality foundation for learning across SHU1.

1. Every taught module has a Blackboard module site

To ensure a consistent student experience, every module should be supported by a Blackboard module site. Where other online tools are used to support learning activities, they should be integrated with or linked to from the Blackboard site.

2. Sites are easy to navigate and provide access to core information

Consistent approaches to the structure and presentation of module sites across courses help students and staff to engage with sites quickly and effectively. With this in mind:

3. Communication is clear, and sets expectations for engagement

A successful and rewarding student learning experience is underpinned by an understanding of how to engage with the module online, its content and learning activities. Specifically:

4. Assessments and feedback are clearly presented

Students expect assessment briefs and grading criteria to be readily available for all assessments, and have immediate, flexible access to feedback and marks when they are released. To achieve this: