Tools and Tips

SBS TEL Equipment for loan

SBS TEL team has a variety of equipment available to support and enhance teaching within the Business School. Below is a list of all equipment available for loan directly from the TEL team.

The technology available has various uses to engage and assist in the classroom. iPads and Surface Pro tablets can be used for research and collaboration work. Voice recorders and video cameras can be used for recording student presentations / assessments. Turning Point voting clickers can turn your presentations into interactive polls with real time results.

Contact the TEL team for more advice and information on how the technology can be used and to book any of the equipment.

sipadApple iPads - x150

iPads are loaned out in sets of 20 maximum. Booking of 5 iPads can be loaned out in a padded bag to carry. Anymore more then 5, due to the size and weight of iPads, are loaned out in trolleys for easier and safer transportation.
sipodApple iPod Touches - x30

iPod Touches offer the same apps and functions as an iPad but are smaller. iPod touches are ideal for photography, video, voting apps.
ssurfaceMicrosoft Surface Pros - x20

Surface Pros are new for 2017! They offer the power and usability of a desktop computer with the portability of an iPad.
They offer an actual keyboard built into the case and all come with a Microsoft Pen which allows direct writing and drawing onto the touch screen of the device.
Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are ideal for use within a classroom without computers. They offer the same functionality as a computer room.
We have 1 set of 20 Surface Pro's which we loan out using a trolley due to their size and weight.
svideocameraVideo Cameras - x9

We have 9 video cameras available for loan. We supply them with a tripod for stability.
Video cameras come in a bag and with a tripod in a separate bag. They are popular for recording student presentations and recording lectures.
svoicerecorderVoice Recorders x40

Voice recorders offer portability and ease of use to record audio content. With a long battery life they can be used to record the audio from lectures, class discussions, student presentations, or guest speakers.

All voice recorders are supplied with a USB cable allowing you to transfer your audio files to a computer.
sturningpointTurning Point Voting Clickers - 6x sets of 25 and 2x sets of 30

Turning Point clickers are small, light, handheld voting devices. Integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint they allow you to create interactive PowerPoint slides with question polls and live results.

Multiple sets can be booked together for larger groups. The Turning Point clickers allow you to ask students to vote on multiple choice questions within lectures and seminars. This allows instant discussion and feedback on the responses.

Turning Point is also available on devices using ResponseWare.