Turning Point Updates

Students voting using the Turning Point appTurning Point is a voting software we have access to at SHU for use in lectures or seminars to engage students and identify any misunderstanding or gaps in knowledge. PowerPoint presentations can be imported into Turning Point to enable the user to easily add interactive questions to existing lectures. To respond to the questions the students can either use clickers or the Turning Point app downloaded on their personal devices.

Recently Turning Point has undergone an update at SHU from Version 5 to Version 8. Although this hasn’t involved too many changes, there are a few differences both students and staff need to be aware of.

Student Changes – There are no changes for students using the clickers but if a student has the old Responseware app this will need to be uninstalled and replaced with the new Turning Point app. Also the students need to be aware that the server has moved from North America to Europe which will need to be correct in the app settings. Click here to download a user guide.

Staff Changes – To deliver a lecture or seminar with Turning Point questions the presenter will need to login to Turning Point via AppsAnywhere on a computer on campus.  Previously a presenter would only need to login to Turning Point if they wanted the students to respond using the app. To login to Turning Point, SHU staff need to contact IT for an account. Click here to download a user guide.

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