Mobile Apps? Tablets in the Classroom? What App?

sea of ipads

 Is this what you see when you look at your students?

Do you want to utilise more mobile technology in the classroom?


Following the introduction of iPads into the classroom for academic year 2013/14, we now have a significant number of iPads available for this academic year for loan.

Why not book in with the TEL team for a 1-2-1 tutorial to see how you could utilise iPads in the classroom?

What App?

Choosing the right app to engage / capture students and activity in the classroom can be tricky. To help you with this process We have developed a catalogue of Apps, for a range of uses (as categorised below). This is not an exhaustive list, however it is designed to give you a flavour of the different applications that can be used to achieve an output from the below categories. Click here to see our guide

I have also found the below adaptation of Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel – updated to include a myriad of apps capable of delivering a certain function or learning outcome. 
ipad bloom


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