Work Experience Award 2023

Awarded for outstanding impact and/or contribution whilst undertaking work experience (e.g. applied project, placement, enterprise residency, scholarly research/innovation solving real-world problems) as part of their course.

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Adesola Emmanuel Oyelere
Becki Bradley
Ema Bagdonaviciute
Harry Smith
Max Woodburn


Adesola Emmanuel OyelereMSc Advanced Computer Networks

What they did: 

“This nominee made a decision to join our Second Line team at the start of last year and since then, has been a critical component of the team. Their excitement and enthusiasm was apparent from day one, as they expressed a desire to be involved in every aspect of their role, with the aim of learning, developing, and becoming an integral part of the company. 

Their work ethic and approach to challenges is truly inspiring. Despite the demands of their role, they face each challenge with unwavering enthusiasm and view each challenge as an opportunity to grow and improve, not only themselves, but also those around them. 

We have no doubt that this nominee will perform exceptionally well in their current studies. The knowledge and experience gained through their time with us will undoubtedly benefit their course and serve them well in the future. 

It is a testament to their outstanding character that during their placement with us, they have exceeded all our expectations and have become a valuable asset to the team. We have no doubt that this individual has a bright future ahead of them, and we are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with them.” 


What was the Impact? 

“This nominee joined our organisation during a period of significant change and transformation within the team. Despite these challenges, the nominee demonstrated remarkable conduct and attitude, effectively mitigating the impact of these changes not only on themselves, but also on their teammates. 

Their eagerness to get started and quick learning ability enabled us to quickly integrate them into the team and have them working on their day-to-day responsibilities in no time. Their receptiveness to training and their ability to grasp new concepts and systems quickly made it possible for us to rely on them to use some of our more proprietary systems shortly after their arrival. 

As a result of their exceptional performance and dedication, the nominee has established themselves as one of the most consistent and capable members of the team. They are frequently relied upon to take on some of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks, ensuring that the team’s workload remains manageable, while also making invaluable contributions to the team’s success. 

Their presence in the team is not only reassuring, but also essential, as they continue to demonstrate their commitment to excellence in all they do, making them the embodiment of our company values.”  


How it inspired others: 

“The one thing that stands out for us here at ASK4, is this individual’s enthusiasm and happiness at being part of the team and company ASK4. This is something that radiates out to all members of staff throughout the business. Regularly and without fail they always greet everyone with a smile, something which we have come to notice never ceases. They make an impression on everyone whom they encounter, as we can show from the following quotes below. 

Head of Support Services – “Emmanuel is a real asset to the company. Since they started, they were able to get up to speed rapidly and works incredibly hard. They have an exceptionally positive attitude is something that keeps the team around them in good spirits. Our experience with Emmanuel, shows us the potential for future placements from Sheffield Hallam, and that’s something we’re excited about.” 

Second Line Teammate – “This person is someone who never stops smiling, it’s so refreshing and uplifting.” 

These are but a few of the comments we receive on a regular basis for this candidate, which is testament to the ‘Positive Impact’ we have seen that they are having on the people that are around them.” 

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Eliza Finlday
Wiktoria Lach
Keeley Snowden
Ekta Sharma


Keeley SnowdenBSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

What they did: 

“This student did an international placement and by all accounts was an excellent ambassador for both the university and Department. Not only did they settle well into the new surroundings, in spite of covid, but was quick to make tremendous contributions to the project to which they were assigned. According to their supervisor, they were very attentive and diligent in performing their duties and as a result much progress was made in the development of a commercial medical testing kit. During the year long placement, they were a valued member of the team, and they displayed excellent interpersonal skills. Overall, performed brilliantly under challenging circumstances.” 


What was the impact?  

“This placement provider has worked with Sheffield Hallam University for the past ten years, and thanks to the people such as the current nominee they have kept coming back. Over the years, some of the placement students have been exceptional but this nominee has excelled them all with their commitment, professionalism and engagement.” 


How it inspired others: 

“They are an inspiration to others by demonstrating that not only is it possible to move to a foreign country for a year but it possible to make a success of it. This will act as encouragement for those wanting to pursue a similar path. Indeed, as a result a number of students are exploring this option.” 

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Mae Roberts
Elena Suci
Jasmine Concannon
Sharoon Sherrif Basheer
Alex Taylor


Mae RobertsBA (Hons) Film Studies 

What they did: 

“The student contacted me as Course Leader in 21/22 as they wanted to withdraw from their university course as they were afraid they would not get a job in the film industry. We had a very long chat about how they can use their learning opportunities on work-based learning modules to connect with the film industry in Sheffield. That year the student took a 120-hour office-based placement with Sheffield DocFest as part of their Level 5 studies. When the placement ended, the student asked DocFest if they could continue the role in a volunteer capacity so they could get a greater understanding of the operations of a major film festival. While the student was volunteering at DocFest, a very competitive, paid, full-time, fixed term role was advertised for DocFest – the student applied, was brought to interview and got the job! Off the back of that success, the student then applied to do a sandwich placement at Warner Bros Discovery in London – it was extremely competitive and with three interview rounds – and Warner Bros. chose them and the student moved to London for 22/23 to work in WB offices in London.” 


What was the impact? 

“A number of things – foremost, the student’s confidence in their strengths and abilities through these work-based learning and placement opportunities has impacted on their wellbeing and love for their course and the subject they study. The student was a valuable member of staff at DocFest and members of the DocFest team continue to keep in touch with them and go to networking events together. The student is a valuable member of the WB team in London and they are being mentored by their supervisor there to take the next steps forward at WB for their career. The student has been a role model for the BA Film Studies course and SHU – their success has given staff the opportunity to rally behind SHU’s mission of transforming lives via knowledge applied. 


How it inspired others: 

“The student has been a real-life model of ‘If You Can See It, You Can Be It’ slogan. They student has inspired a number of their cohort to apply for any and all placement and work experience opportunities and gave them tips and advice. Based on the student’s success, three students from that year have now taking opportunities outside of the course work to work with the British Film Institute’s Film Academy programme; one student set up a freelance videography business; one student (the student’s best friend!) has taken the plunge and is doing teaching experience and to apply to do a PGCE after their final year at Hallam.  


The student has shared their placement experiences to students who have the opportunity to do one next year and has been incredibly supportive. the student has strength SHU’s relationship with DocFest as they were so proud of her work ethic and commitment. And the student has inspired me – their CL and Sandwich Placement AA – to work hard to ensure that students can have opportunities and grown confidence to reach their true potential. Thank you!” 

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