2014 Winners

Paul Seely
BA (Honours) Business Studies (Final Year Student)
SBS ambassador
‘His enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious. He has represented Sheffield Business School with pride.’

Olive Nyaga
MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management
SBS ambassador
‘Her energy and passion has been without limits. She has engaged in numerous activities and acted out the values of Sheffield Business School.’

Elliott Morrison
BA (Honours) International Finance and Banking (Second Year Student)
Student voice
‘His passion to enhance the quality of student feedback has inspired fellow student reps and staff.’

Helen Genge
BA (Honours) Public Health Nutrition (Final Year Student)
Initiative to enhance the SBS student experience
‘Her limitless optimism and diligence has been a source of inspiration.’

Huan Liu
MSc Managing Global Business
Course community development
‘She has been proactive in creating a dynamic, supportive and fun student community.’

Babajide Giuva
MSc Managing Global Business
International integration
‘He has helped international students overcome their fears of living and studying in another country.’

Russ Houlden
BA (Honours) Business Studies (Final Year Student)
Act of social responsibility
‘He has developed employability skills whilst raising awareness of environmental issues.’

Greg Heald
BA (Honours) Business Studies (Final Year Student)
‘He has set up his own business and been a proactive event organiser. He is positive, innovative and resourceful.’

Chris Ellis
BA (Honours) Business and Marketing (Whilst on Placement)
Impact on an organisation
‘He has made a significant impact whilst on placement. His energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude have been key to his success.’

Gabriel Paramore
BA (Honours) International Business (Final Year Student)
Placement rep of the year
‘His generosity and altruism have been an inspiration. He has shared his own experiences and given practical support to placement seeking students. His contribution has made a significant impact’

Hannah Scanlan
BSc (Honours) Hospitality Business Management (Second Year Student)
Inspiring individual
‘She has gained the respect and admiration of her tutors and peers.’

Steven Swann
BA (Honours) Languages with TESOL (Final Year Student)
SBS society leader
‘His leadership ensured that students engaged with a range of activities that enriched their student experience.’

Food and Nutrition Society
SBS society of the year
‘This dynamic society is a hub of activity. It has provided opportunities for students to engage with staff, professional associations, employers and alumni. It has inspired students and staff to work in partnership.’