2017 Winners

Anthony Garbett
BA (Hons) Languages with TESOL (Spanish)
SBS Society Leader
‘He was a truly charismatic and inspiring leader. The interests of his society members were always at the forefront of his mind.’

Emily Shaw
BA (Hons) Business & Human Resource Management
SBS Ambassador (Undergraduate)
‘She went above and beyond and was a true champion of SBS values. her motivation impressed staff and students alike.’

Fathima Nuzrath Mowlana
Master of Business Administration
International Integration
‘She was instrumental in developing an international community where students worked together and supported each other.’

Ben Thomson
BA (Hons) Business Economics
Social Responsibility
‘He made a real difference to others in his community by being creative and enterprising.’

Brandon Wazirali
BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance
Scholarly Achievement
‘His outstanding academic achievements were recognised by his professional body.’

Jemma Davis
BA (Hons) Business & Enterprise Management
Placement Rep of the Year
‘She was an engaged and passionate champion of placements. Her outstanding contribution and commitment made a real difference to placement seeking students.’

Emma McArthur
BA (Hons) Business & Enterprise Management
Enhancing the Student Experience
‘She worked tirelessly and engaged in numerous roles and initiatives to enhance the experience of her fellow students.’

Emily Bush
BSc (Hons) Events Management
‘She showed innovation and resilience and inspired those around her with her positive attitude and tenacity.’’

Zofia Markiewicz
BSc (Hons) Food Marketing Management
Inspiring Individual
‘Despite facing significant personal challenges, she continually demonstrates a strength and determination to succeed.’

Kimberley Lodge
BA (Hons) Forensic Accounting
SBS Student Voice
‘She showed a real desire to represent SBS students and have a positive impact.’

Theodore Nwankwo
MSc Finance & Investment
SBS Ambassador (Postgraduate)
 ‘He made it his mission to develop his knowledge and understanding of all that the University has to offer students and then proactively promoted their engagement.’

Alice Snow, Nathan Randerson, Cara Grys, Rebecca Drysdale, Jack Rowbotham and Leah England Gray
BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition, BA (Hons) International Business with Spanish, BA (Hons) Business Economics, BA (Hons) Business & Marketing, BA (Hons) Business Studies, BSc (Hons) Events Management
Outstanding Contribution whilst on Work Placement
‘These students, nominated by their placement providers, all made significant impact on their host organisation.’

The HR Network
SBS Society of the Year 2017
‘They worked in partnership with the CIPD and delivered a portfolio of impressive activities which developed the personal and professional skills and networks of its members.’