2013 Winners

Barbara Gonzalez-Jaspe
BA (Honours) Internationl Business (Final Year Student)
Initiative to enhance the experience of SBS students
‘She’s put 100% into all her extra curricular responsibilities and studies – she’s really driven her projects.’

Hannah Mayes
BSc (Honours) Public Health Nutrition (Final Year Student)
Act of social responsibility
‘Her drive and determination to make a difference in the local community is outstanding. She is a leader and always tries to do what she thinks is right.’

Chao Wang
MSc International Events and Conference Management
International integration
‘Her positive and enthusiastic approach to teaching Mandarin to home and international students has helped to develop a strong sense of community.’

Isis Mason
BA (Honours) Languages with International Business Studies
(Spanish) (Second Year Student)
Inspiring individual
‘Her reflections were so perceptive and her enthusiasm and motivations so infectious. She has helped us improve the quality of the course.’

Laura Ball
BA (Honours) Business and Enterprise Management (Second Year Student)
‘Laura set up her own not-for-profit business ‘Project 2 to 1’ to create a platform for young entrepreneurs in Sheffield to collaborate, innovate and mentor.’

Neil Morris
BA (Honours) Business Studies (Second Year Student)
SBS ambassador
‘I have never come across a student more interested in Sheffield Hallam and its workings.’

Stephanie Griffiths
BSc (Honours) Food Marketing Management (Final Year Student)
Student society leader
‘She has encouraged all levels to integrate and participate in some fantastic events. It has been very rewarding to witness such a driven student investing in others.’

Tabitha Kirkbride
BA (Honours) Languages with International Business Studies
(French) (Final Year Student)
Community development
‘Her helpful and cheerful contribution within and outside class shows her willingness to help fellow students and facilitate communication.’

Enterprise Society
SBS society of the year
‘This society has engaged students and businesses all year round with an exciting range of activities. It has gone above and beyond with an outstanding marketing campaign.’