2018 Winners

Jack Rowbotham
BA (Hons) Business Studies
SBS Student Society Leader
‘Jack has worked hard to extend the benefits of the society beyond SBS by building relationships with students at our overseas partner, Botswana Accountancy College, enabling students from there to benefit from the society and student in SBS to develop their international networks.’

Ailis Reilly
BA (Hons) Business Studies
SBS Placement Rep of the Year
‘She has led efforts, delivered to faculty wide populations, and shown genuine and sustained commitment to the scheme.’

Luke Dixon
BA (Hons) Forensic Accounting
International Integration
‘He continuously thinks of ideas and concepts to support multi-cultural integration. At the drop of a hat he will support learning needs and has supported teaching staff in getting the best student experience for everyone.’

Jessica Mell
BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Public Health
Social Responsibility
‘Jess continuously puts others before herself. She has run charity events throughout her student life and most recently established the student society ‘Student Minds’ in September 2017.’

Piibe Bianka Sau
BSc (Hons) International Tourism & Hospitality Business Management
SBS Course Community Development
‘She has continuously contributed to the development of her course and supported both staff and students in making the student experience better.’

Areg Mohammed
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Business Management with Culinary Arts
Inspiring Individual
‘Despite significant personal and family commitments, she co-leads the Hospitality Society and has made it into the ZestQuest Asia Finals; all on top of her studies.’

James Taylor
BA (Hons) Business & Human Resource Management
Initiative to enhancing the SBS Student Experience
‘His work with our first years and placement seekers has been outstanding. He has also created an offer that, for the the first time, has seen Postgraduate students attend HR Network events.’

Christine Shires
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Business Management with Culinary Arts
‘Christina has been the first Hospitality student to successfully apply for and receive a fully-funded please on the Placement Year Enterprise Scholarship (PYES). Christina showed great determination in successfully gaining the funding and as a result has begun her own online bakery business.’

Lauren Frid
BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Business Management
SBS Impact on an Organisation
‘During her placement with Pizza Express, she rose to the position of Deputy Restaurant Manager for on of their flagship restaurants and worked with the General Manager to take the restaurant through a full refurbishment from design to completion.

Tom Stevens
BA (Hons) Marketing, Communications and Advertising
SBS Student Voice
‘Tom has been an outstanding course rep and is a credit to the student voice process. He has worked hard to help improve the experience of his fellow students through the in-depth feedback he has gained from them.’

Amy Mettam
BA (Hons) Business & Marketing
Outstanding contribution whilst out on work placement (Placement Provider: British Steel)
‘Amy had little knowledge of social media when she joined us but rose to the challenge of how to help us grow our following. I would often find Amy had been doing e-learning during the evenings to try and improve her knowledge. She would use her initiative to proactively try and find ways to use analysis to try and drive improvements.’

Holly Dixon
BA (Hons) International Hotel & Resort Management
Alumni Special Recognition
‘Since graduating, Holly has received several industry accolades. She won an Acorn Award, which recognises the top ’30 under 30′ in Hospitality and is achieved through nominations by colleagues. She was part of the team which won a Catey Award, a prestigious hospitality award for best HR team. She is now the HR Manager at the London Edition and she is giving back as an alumnus offering placements and other opportunities to Sheffield Hallam students.’

Languages Society
SBS Society of the Year 2018
‘In collaboration with some staff members from the Spanish Language department, the society organised an international media communications and technology workshop, which featured Spanish researcher Tomas Costal, who talked about translation, dubbing and media communication in the film and video industry. The work of the Languages Society is multifaceted, diverse, and always finds an echo.’