2015 Winners

Amaka Akinteye
MSc Finance and Investment
SBS ambassador
‘Her engagement and passion to represent SBS has inspired others to do the same.’

Callum Jones
BA (Hons) Marketing
SBS ambassador
‘He is creative and innovative. He has represented SBS with pride and professionalism.’

Elizabeth Turton
BA (Hons) Business Studies
Student voice
‘She has worked tirelessly to represent SBS students.  She is an inspirational champion for student engagement and student employment.’

Liam Jones
BA (Hons) Languages with German
Course community development
‘He has taken a lead role in creating a real sense of community and has encouraged students to share their experiences and develop skills.’

Yuvini Hettierachchi
BA (Hons) Marketing Communications and Advertising
International integration
‘She has used her networks and been innovative in promoting and celebrating the value of cultural diversity.’

Laura Tarry
BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Health and Lifestyles
Act of social responsibility
‘She has demonstrated a passion and desire to help others.  She has made an outstanding contribution in the local community.’

Hajar Al-Ruzeiqi
MSc Managing Global Business
‘She is a designer and entrepreneur who has her own international fashion business.  She has real drive and motivation.’

Jessica Heald, Francesca Hibbert and Lauren Woodger
BA (Hons) Business Studies at Prospect Soft, BA (Hons) Business Studies at Metropolitan Police, BA (Hons) Business Studies with HR at Hornbuckle
Impact on an organisation
‘These students have been exceptional whilst on their placement.’

Max Dixon
BA (Hons) International Finance and Fund Mgt
Placement Rep of the Year
‘His outstanding contribution, commitment and passion has been an inspiration.  He has provided motivational support to placement seekers.’

Bethany Walton
BA (Hons) Business Studies
Inspiring Individual
‘She is full of passion and energy, with a strength and positivity that makes others stop and reflect.’

Phoebe Benta and Emma Adby
BA (Hons) Events Management and Tourism and BA (Hons) International Business with French
SBS Society Leadership
‘Their leadership has inspired and motivated others to engage.  Their positivity, determination and passion has ensured the success of their student society.’

Will Harper and Lewis Bowen
BA (Hons) Hospitality and BA (Hons) Business Studies
SBS alumni special recognition
‘They are an inspiration to staff and students.  Their support and contributions help to shape Sheffield Business School.’

Business and Management Society
SBS society of the year
‘This society has successfully engaged with students at all levels across SBS and have strong links with their professional body.’