2021 winners – HWLS

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences – Inspirational Student Award Winners 2021

Team Societies Award

Stephanie Whieldon

What did they do:
They are a team who have worked tirelessly during covid-19 to create content and activities for their members and the wider community (including fitness challenges/ holding zoom workouts/ hosting online socials and competitions/ organizing and taking part in charity events). The team has used their platform and experience during the pandemic to try to improve others wellbeing. The whole team (around 30 students) have been great all year but the main reason for my nomination was for the work of the committee this year both internally (arranging zoom workouts/ socials etc) and externally (raising food donations for a food bank and awareness for a mental health charity).

What was the impact:
The social and fitness activities allowed members to focus on their mental health/ and served as not only a distraction but also a chance for the members to come together and support each other. This has especially been beneficial to those who are new to the team this year as they have still been able to formulate meaningful relationships even if they have been virtual. The support network created by this team has been a lifeline for many. The charity work they have done has also positively impacted both the members and the community. This team has organized their own charity events through lockdown and supported other teams charity ventures through taking part and using their platform on social media to
promote engagement.

How did it inspire others:
This team inspired other teams to get involved with charity work by showing that even through COVID-19 and restrictions it is still possible, even just using their platform to promote charities has been beneficial. This team has also promoted a welcoming environment which allowed all members to be included no matter what their background which can inspire other teams to do the same. Everything they have done has been documented on social media to promote good feeling and serve as a reference to others who may be interested in performing similar activities whether they be social or charity or fitness based.


We are Hallam Award

Elizabeth Kelly, Neil Dunn and Mia Hodgson

What did they do:
They went above and beyond their own needs as students, organising group revision sessions in their own time for difficult subject matter to help other students understanding, and then structured all the resources that had been made into an easy-to-access folder for continued revision. They are always on hand to answer questions and reassure other students with kindness and intellect, and without judgement.

What was the impact:
A far greater number of students that attended their sessions and accessed the resources they had made and organised, passed their exams and assignments that may have otherwise not done so. In addition all their help has increased a feeling of comradery within the cohort and helped ease the stress and anxieties of many students.

How did it inspire others:
Their actions led to more student led revision sessions being made around other topics to help with overall learning, gave the participating students confidence to engage and to ask for help when needed.


Inspiring Individual Award

Laura Till


What did they do:
This student could have been nominated under a number of categories but the Inspiring
individual seemed the most appropriate as it up their overall contribution. After experiencing a near
fatal multi-car crash, struggling to overcome the impact of significant injuries, facing Covid-19
lockdown and inspiring the residents on their families home street to maintain physical activity
throughout 2020, supporting educational programmes for local children near their home, this
student entered Level 6 determined to strive to achieve the best results for themselves. In addition
to working towards and achieving two firsts in semester one modules this student also led their
student academic team to collective successes and, as part of that role, supported another student
who was going through very difficult personal times. Going about and beyond in their role as a
Course Rep for Level 6 this student took it on to their shoulders to support a fellow student, who is
suffering from anxiety, to complete their studies and enabled them to complete their first semester.
Never one to shy away from a challenge this student has embodied the university Graduate
Attributes of Reliance, Confidence and Creativity. In one of their assignments, in Enterprise in
Coaching, they have even been offered a full-time job on the back of their presentation to external
professional organisations. An inspiration to all their peers, battling through physical injuries,
psychological trauma and has supported all those they engage with.

What was the impact:
Inspired fellow students to work through the impact of Covid-19 and achieve successes in module
assessments, overcome personal trauma, overcoming psychological trauma. Inspiring others within
the University and within their local community. Supporting others to work through and cope with
personal challenge.

How did it inspire others:
Inspired local residents, Inspired local community, inspired fellow students, been an embodiment of
our graduate attributes