2016 Winners

Elizabeth Long & Adrian Stan
BA (Hons) Forensic Accounting, BA (Hons) Business Studies
SBS Ambassador
‘Both of our winners have been true champions of Sheffield Business School values. Their motivation and achievements have impressed both academics and students’

Karabo Phalane
BA (Hons) International Finance and Banking – BAC, Botswana
Inspirational Student
He keeps all students up to date on the changes in lessons or extra lessons. He is an exemplary leader as he is always the first to break the ice by answering in class. The student is also always willing to assist other students when they need help.

Mollie Shemwell
BA (Hons) Business & Human Resource management
SBS Student Voice
‘She has shown a high level of professionalism and commitment to enhancing the experience of fellow students.’

Kazim Syed
MSc Human Resource Management
Course community development
‘He cares passionately about the experience of those around him. He recognises the values of a strong sense of community amongst students and staff.’

Jordan Robinson
BA (Hons) Business & Enterprise Management
Initiative to Enhance the Student Experience
‘He has demonstrated innovation and a commitment to launching his initiative and maintaining its momentum.’

Stephanie Hilton-Turvey
BA (Hons) Languages with Marketing (Spanish & Italian)
International Integration
‘Her own experience of working overseas has inspired her to want to support international students in SBS.’

Melissa Turner & Stefania Ventriglia
BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition
Act of social responsibility
‘Both of our winners used their knowledge and experiences to have a positive impact upon members of our local community.’

Jordanne McMullan (Individual Award), Jason Eastwood & Elliott Morrison (Team Award: Graduation Ball Committee)
BSc (Hons) Events Management with Arts & Entertainment, BA (Hons Finance Banking & investment, BA (Hons) Finance Banking & Investment
‘All of our winners are innovative and resilient. They have created, developed, delivered and inspired those around them with their positive attitude and tenacity.’


Alex Gore, Rosie Gash, Haoyu Shi, Laura Fitzgibbon & Olivia Lister
BA (Hons) Business & Marketing, BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance, MSc International Hospitality Management, BA (Hons) Marketing Communications and Advertising, BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition
Impact on an Organisation
‘All of our winners were each nominated by their placement providers for making a significant impact.

Tom Sabell
BA (Hons) Business & Financial Management
Placement Rep of the Year
‘He has been an engaged and passionate champion of placements. His outstanding contribution, commitment and passion has made a real difference to placement seeking students.’

Nila Khorsand
BA (Hons) Business & Management
Inspiring Individual
‘Despite facing significant personal challenges, she continually demonstrates a strength and determination to succeed.’

Matilda Hawes
BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management
Inspiring Individual
‘Reflecting upon her own personal challenges she has engaged in ways that have made a real difference to other students.’

Jodie Marshall
MSc Cooperative & Social Enterprise Management
SBS alumni special recognition
‘She has adopted a compassionate approach to social enterprise. Seeing opportunities in challenging situations, she has empowered and inspired those around her.’

Cameron Rigg
BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition
SBS Society Leadership
‘He is a truly charismatic and inspiring leader. The interests of his society members were always at the forefront of his mind.’

Food & Nutrition Society
SBS Society of the year
‘This society has developed a true sense of community and belonging amongst its members. Its dedicated committee has designed and delivered impressive activities which have developed the personal and professional networks of its members.’