Oluwaseun Ayobami Sokunbi

Inspirational Individual Award
Awarded for achievements and inspiring others by overcoming adversity.

College of Social Sciences and Arts
MSc Public Health

Oluwaseun Ayobami Sokunbi was nominated for the Inspirational Individual Award 2023. They were chosen as a finalist, and their nominated was put forward for voting. Oluwaseun came out on top in their votes and were contacted inform them they had won an Inspirational Student Award 2023. Unfortunately, Oluwaseun passed away before they were able to receive their award. We were honoured that their family were able to attend the evening on Oluwaseun’s behalf. You can read their story below.

What they did: 

“This student enrolled on the course in January 2021, arriving here to study from Nigeria as an International student, with no family or friends to support them here. That in itself can be a challenge and something to be admired!  

Sadly, later in the academic year, she became seriously ill and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. 

She has spent much time undergoing treatment in Weston Park hospital and receiving support from St Luke’s. However, despite this and her health continuing to deteriorate, she has continued to engage with her course and assessments to a high standard. 

Even in periods of very poor health and financial difficulties that have arisen as a result of being unable to work due to her health, whenever I met with her, she has had the biggest smile!  

She has been able to submit her Dissertation in January 2023 and will now be able to graduate as she had set out to do.” 

What was the impact? 

“The student has engaged wherever possible with the support options put in place for them. 

They have always remained in good spirits and has a positive attitude and dedication to their studies that is truly inspirational.” 

How it inspired others: 

“To see their smile, dedication, and determination throughout their journey with us, should most definitely inspire others. This student definitely has inspired me and made me realise even more than I ever have, how lucky I am to be helping to support students achieve.  

Sadly, we are unsure whether they will be able to attend Graduation due to their health and so I would really love for them to receive this award as a token of my appreciation of them being one of my students!  

This student has been an absolute pleasure to support and I wish them the very very best.” 

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