Inclusivity and Diversity Award 2023

Awarded for enabling and championing inclusivity and diversity, and/or contributing to campaigns for social justice.

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Abu-Bakr Bin Abdulrehman Bapu
Ellie Wyton
Madelaine Martinis Canino
Tayoour Akbar
Praise Ishola


Praise Ishola – MSc Big Data Analytics

What they did

“Advanced and championed the sensitisation of students mental and wellbeing. Built a strong student/university relationship during his turner as the Student Union President. Spent years coordinating, chairing and advocating what students needed the most. The nominee single-handedly supported and understood the challenges of many international students of different walks of life because he had experienced many of those challenges himself and so could offer solutions and guidance to all. Increased support for disabled students. They enabled the university to see spots they could not see. Their humility and friendliness towards all is well emulating as a leader. I fully support and endorse awarding this one for the inspiration students award.”

What was the Impact?

“Students were  the most beneficiaries for his servant hood service . Some of the achievements were ; – Launched Post Student Work Visa policy to support International students. – Launched Men’s Mental Health Policy -Passed a national policy on Awareness and accountability of university to international students at the National Union of Students Conference -Delivered 13 speeches at the graduation ceremony for 2020/2021 academic year. – Chaired the election committee that broke the Student Union election record.  -Launched IT’S NOT A JOKE Campaign, a mental health campaign for all students. -Increased volunteering at the SU -Supported Anti-spiking policy and movement. – Increase hardship funding for students. – Lobbied for recorded lectures for commuter students, increasing support for students with disabilities. -Effective digital and social media communication to students.”

How it inspired others

“The nominee inspired others through their dedication towards work (as president) and people who came to them for support. Encouraged and mentored many who aspired to be leaders in diverse roles. Encouraged and supported SHU country oriented societies and offered support and opportunities like networking among the new and old students.”

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Cai Ware
Christopher Edwardson
Amelia Schofield, Dawn Gayl and Asli Garane
Nathan McDowell


Cai Ware – BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

What they did:

“The development of this student over the last year has been an inspiration. This student has multiple learning, health and mental health issues that severely impacted on their studies last year. These adversities included frequent seizures and recurrent hospitalisation, inability to focus/study due to the seizures and late diagnosis of ADHD (despite being clearing a bright student) and depression both due to the frustration of not being able to study or consistently perform day-to-day functioning. Despite this adversity and the barriers to learning, they showed incredible determination and passion for their studies to continue where I believe most would have not; and have still achieved first-class grades. Recently, some health issues have improved and this student has seized the opportunity to use their adversity to help and inspire others by becoming course representative proactively promoting the student voice and building a sense of community within a large course cohort (which has historically been very difficult to achieve) through multiple social events. Additionally, they have jointly spear-headed 3 new student-lead societies within the department, Student Minoritised Group, LGBTQ+ group and a Biosciences Accessible Student’s Space (BASS) for neurodiverse students, all of which allow safe and inclusive support across the department.”

What was the impact?

“Through the course representative role, they have given students a voice to help influence the way the course is run and to promote close relations between academics and students. This is enhanced by the openness, honesty and approachability of the student to facilitate the channels of communication. Acting on feedback from both students and academics, this student has been jointly involved in organising course and department-wide social activities to promote sense of community. I look optimistically forward to seeing a positive impact of this on future NSS scores, particularly for the BMS where this factor usually scores poorly. The student support groups (minoritised, LGBTQ+, and BASS) are a new initiative in the department that will positively impact the student experience by allow safe and inclusive support across the department and creating a more inclusive and diverse culture both departmentally and potentially within STEM subjects. Beyond this, the widest spreading impact in my opinion comes from the way this student has inspired those around them through overcoming adversity to succeed and helping others throughout the process (see next section).”

How it inspired others

“I believe that students who have spoken to this student through the course or aforementioned support groups and had insight into the challenges and adversities that they overcame and continue to faced-down, feel inspired to determinedly pursue their own academic and life goals even when things get hard. This is certainly true within my tutorial groups at L4 and L5 where this student engages and supports others through shared experience, empathy and compassion for individual situations above and beyond their own daily battles. This is inspirational and a privilege for me to witness and in turn inspires me as a tutor every time I interact with them. This student’s enthusiasm, passion and selflessness is contagious and truly inspires. I have the best dynamics in my tutor group that I have known, due largely to the influence and honesty of this student. Regardless of the outcomes of this award I will look to showcase the difficult journey of this student through academia as a real success story of how determination and compassion, even in the face of great adversity, can overcome huge barriers to achieve personal academic progression while leaving a lasting impact on others around them through support and understanding.”

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Yusuf Nawaz
Fozia Sultana and Ria-Jade Doherty
Fozia Sultana
Adel Mouaden


Fozia Sultana – LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology

What they did:

“Worked within a multidisciplinary team to embed a student steering group called “Manifest Diversity” with opportunities to create for co collaboration across all elements of university life, facilitate opportunities to network, develop leadership skills and promote the student voice and an inclusive culture . This student was the co chair and led the project. The aim of the project was to was to foster an understanding of the experiences of students from African, Asian and other minoritised groups and work proactively to embed an inclusive curriculum and student offer. In their spare time they work with refugee groups to enable them to access the support they need when they arrive to the UK and as part of their course they are also undertaking a placement providing business immigration services and legal advice to clients.”

What was the impact:

“Worked with other departments to help them set up similar student steering groups. Written several EDI centred articles for publication on SHU Blogs. Hosted a biweekly podcast exploring minority student views with members of staff. The student authored a guide for staff in the department towards promoting inclusivity.

Developed an alternative freshers map which has been adopted across several departments and is working with Hallam Welcome to develop an advanced university wide map. Undertaken research on placements and inclusivity and made a word site to publish the works that have been created so far.”

How it inspired others:

“This student has championed EDI and enabled members of minoritised groups to feel welcomed and part of the student community and the law programme. Their hard work and passion in this area has also spread to other departments and at University level which is incredibly impressive. This student has made a significant contribution and impact to the work of the department in raising awareness of these issues.”

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