Hallam Community Award 2023

Awarded for contribution to the Sheffield Hallam Community by working collaboratively, showing compassion, support, and/or kindness to fellow students and/or Hallam community members. 

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Emma Carter
Hugh Cross
Krishna Harish
Jed Gauder


Krishna Harish MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

What they did

  • “Received 8 awards from SHU during the academic year 2021/2022 (Hallam Bronze, Hallam Silver, Hallam Gold, Volunteer10, Volunteer50, Volunteer100, Volunteer250, Widespread Impact & Change Award – SHU Student Representative Award 2021/2022)
  • Working for 7 Ambassador schemes of SHU (General, HEPP, UniBuddy, Course, PG, International Student Ambassador, Clearing Line Operator)
  • Working as a Casual Research Assistant and have worked with every department of SHU

(Current Projects: Academic misconduct – TLSEE Project with Marjory Da Costa & Kiefer Lee & Tier 2 weight management with Jordan Beaumont

Projects Undertaken: School projects with Claire Ketnor, DecolHallam with Helen Kay, Women in Leadership with Emma Abson, focus group facilitator on UG & PG student’s view on academic advising at SHU for Dr Sarah Churchill)

  • Student Volunteer of Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union
  • President of STAR (Student Action for Refugees) society at Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union”

What was the Impact?

“Once they graduate, they will be a great representative of SHU and a prospective SHU alum. The student will also have an impact on present students as they have agreed to support future student projects on behalf of the department.

As a student ambassador:

  • Encouraged 30,000 school pupils in Yorkshire to choose higher education as a career after finishing their studies.
  • Become the university’s public face by appearing on its webpages and social media.

As a course representative:

  • By giving students and the course leader a forum for discussion on issues pertaining to the student experience, promote a partnership model where student perspectives are heard and considered in decision-making processes
  • Meet with the teacher of the course at least twice during the semester to discuss concerns relating to teaching and learning, especially proposals for new academic modules that would make the course more practical by utilising developing technologies that would probably be deployed by 2025.
  • Increasing student confidence to take on assessments & exams by their own by avoiding plagiarism and essay mills, which has resulted in better levels of satisfaction with their learning and assessment experiences.
  • Rather to filling out survey forms, students prefer to speak with the department directly about the course, the module leaders, and the module delivery because they feel that their voice will be heard.
  • Current students & Freshers started taking part in SHU assistive technology lectures, Go Global Events, volunteer programmes, SHU Career fairs and Fresher/Induction Events that encouraged them to deal with cultural shocks and helped them acclimatise to their new surroundings.
  • For the students outside the course:
  • Students now feel comfortable applying for graduate positions in their industry since they have a more expansive understanding of their professional path and objectives.
  • Students today are aware of the value of work-life balance.
  • More the likelihood of postgraduate students participating in SHU extracurricular activities.”

How it inspired others

  • Role model & pacesetter for SHU students
  • Took on a problem that was prevalent and utilised problem-solving techniques to lessen its consequences. In addition, several new initiatives for the course were created, which had a beneficial influence on many students’ attitudes and feedback regarding the course and its evaluation.
  • Motivating future course representatives to take on novel projects on the course structure and academic society.
  • friendliness and approachability, as well as their willingness to listen to others and make sure their opinions are considered when deciding on the best course of action.
  • While working part-time with studies at the university the student has demonstrated to other SHU students that success is possible if you are willing to strive for it.
  • Introducing students to SHU Award schemes and talking to students on how to achieve them.
  • a fantastic example of how perseverance can help students reach whatever objectives they set for themselves to others.”

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Adam Rogers
Abigail Brady
Rachel Boldero
Nathan McDowel


Abigail Brady – BSc (Hons) Nursing (Child)

What they did:

“The student came across a road traffic collision during her own time and stopped to help. Their actions were so significant that the police officer attending the scene took the time to contact the university to report it. Below is an exert from his e mail. ” Already on the scene when we arrived was a first year nursing student at the Hallam University.  I would just like to pass on our gratitude for the effort and time that the student spent with the 88 year old female driver. In keeping her safe, passing clear and concise information to the emergency services about her condition and generally keeping her reassured. They spent several hours at the scene with us in freezing old conditions talking to the lady, it was an immense help. If you could ensure that the student gets the recognition deserved that would be great. A credit to your Uni and the nursing profession.”

The lecturing team feel that for the student to stay on scene for several hours to give calm reassurance and communicate with the emergency services was a great achievement, given that the student has only been undertaking the nursing programme since September and has not had any placement experience as yet.”

What was the impact?

“As nurses, we know that the impact of the student staying with and reassuring the injured lady will have been felt both at the time and following the incident. The lady’s family will also have felt grateful that someone stayed with their elderly relative at such a frightening time. The attending police obviously left the positive impact as a result of the student being on scene as they were able to help and also relieve some of the stress felt by the emergency services. I feel that the student demonstrated excellent team working and communication skills, during a stressful situation.”

How it inspired others

“I feel that the student has inspired their peers by their calm approach, willingness to become involved and thoughtfulness for others, despite their lack of experience and knowledge. It was a brave decision to offer to help, but the fact that the student stayed for several hours during the incident really is over and above the call of duty, so to speak. Having communicated with the student, their response was that anyone would have stopped and helped. The student’s Academic Advisor is meeting with the student to offer some debrief after the incident as it can be traumatic to experience such incidents.”

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Dhanesh Ayyappankutty
Alina Dumitru
Kendal Stoneystreet


Alina Dumitru – BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

What they did:

This student has continually been the centre of the Interior Architecture and Design Studio Community for the last 3 years. A mature student from overseas, this person quickly became key individual for staff and students turn to for support and help in bringing the cohort together. From the days online in 2020 to the present studio culture this person has welcomed everyone, taken time to understand the needs of people and has shown love and care for their fellow students – across all years. During the difficult time in transitioning from online, through blended to full face to face teaching this person assisted staff and student to establish a studio culture again and rebuild a community. This person is a committed Hallam student helping to promote the course, department and the university as a whole, both in person and through social media. They have run workshops for other students, set up recycling schemes and regularly bake biscuits for everyone in the studio. This student thoroughly deserves the Hallam Community Award as without them I’m not sure we would have ever truly returned to having a strong and cohesive studio culture.”

What was the impact:

“The impact this student has had on the Hallam and Course Community can be measured in 3 ways:

  1. Increased use of the studio space and easier transition back into face to face teaching
  2. Improved NSS results. While many course saw a dip in NSS scores in 2020, 2021, and 2022 especial with regards to student community, Interior Architecture and Design consistently scored over 90%. This was in no small part down to the work this student did in helping tomake the studio a friendly space where everyone felt welcomed and part of a community.
  3. Improved recruitment. One thing we talk about at open days etc is our inclusive community which is a huge draw to new students. And again, this student is a driving force behind this,helping us double the course in take for the last 2 years”How it inspired others:“The love and enthusiasm this student gives to the community is infectious and this has inspired others to do the same. A community is a group people working together, sharing thoughts and ideas, to create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive – but often it takes the efforts of a few individuals to show others warmth and compassion in order for relationships to build. This is what this student has done time and time again. They are the glue that binds people together, transforming the studio from a group of individuals to a cohesive community.”

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