Sustainability Award 2023

Awarded for outstanding impact on policy, practice and/or the behaviour of others that progress the climate action agenda.

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Gandharv Mahajan
Kacper Winstanley
Alexe Emes
Praise Ishola


Alexe EmesBA (Hons) Business Studies

What they did

“Over the course of the degree the business studies student has merged their interest in sustainability with learning and applied work experience addressing how organisations can adapt supply chains to foster sustainable practice.  Notably, the students work was entered into a UK and Ireland Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) Competition. The essay won the second-place prize. They recently applied to further share their learning and experience of applying learning by presenting at the 2023 Yorkshire Wide Student Sustainability Research Conference. In addition, the students work is about to be profiled as part of a series of posters showcasing how through study and placement, they enact the Business schools PRME agenda. This is linked to AACSB accreditation and demonstrates how the students work contributes to the university’s work towards Sustainable Development Goals, a United Nations directive addressing challenges of responsible, ethical and sustainable business.”

What was the Impact?

“By taking wider opportunities to stretch and change themselves academically, the student is currently on track to receive a first-class degree. Whilst on placement the student was asked by the employer to offer advice as to how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals could be applied, consequently influencing plans to change practice in operations at the organisation.  By contributing to the PRME posters, the student has demonstrated the value and impact of applied learning, reflecting the capacity of their knowledge to secure a placement and also shaping practice whilst on placement. This shared insight will also be used to demonstrate how Business Studies education creates impact in the annual Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report that the university submits to The UK and Ireland PRME body. “

How it inspired others

“The students can do approach helps us to showcase the value of learning to potential students, students on the course and those about to graduate. Their efforts exemplify the value of stepping up to and embracing the Hallam model. They embody a student highly engaged in their studies and extra-curricular opportunities showing how by challenging themselves they are able to go further, collaborating with others both inside and outside the university to thrive.”

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